Me and God #12

"You don't see Me or feel Me, but I am there - Love itself, holding out My arms to you.   Nothing ever makes Me lose sight of My children on earth.   Their ideas and thoughts are short-lived, and so they imagine I am like them in this.   I am perfect poise, the same yesterday, today and forever.   I am the Presence, the loving Look.   The entire cosmos is cradled in Me.   I am this second of time and I am Eternity.

You readily admit that there is a soul in your body, don't you?   And yet you don't see your soul.   Then why have you so much difficulty in admitting that I live in you when you are in a state of grace, even though you can't see Me?   I am there.   Don't leave Me alone.   Talk to Me.

Hasn't it ever occurred to you that this or that grace was given to you because of some prayer said for you, or some priest's blessing, or what your parents won by their efforts, or because of My divine compassion, or the goodness of My mother?   Don't ever get the idea that the cause is any goodness of your own or anything in yourself.

You know how cold and sad an empty house is, how different from one that's filled with youth and life and joy.   That is the difference between a soul where I cannot live because sin has driven Me out and the soul that I in-dwell.   Say to yourself often,  'He is in me.' "

The source of all goodness and wisdom is God, and this particular message was conveyed through:

He and I, revelations to Gabrielle Bossis, translated by Evelyn Brown, p.79

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46-50, M
Jul 20, 2009