The Conversion of Saul; St. Paul

"...Saul persists in the deepest unbelief and malice and with all his heart serves My enemies for the destruction of My Church...... Shortly afterward the Lord appeared to Saul on the road near Damascus, in his ever increasing fury against Jesus, his accelerated journey had already brought him.   The Lord showed Himself to Saul in a resplendent cloud amid immense glory, and at the same time Saul was flooded with divine light without and within, and his heart and senses were overwhelmed beyond power of resistance.   He fell suddenly from his horse to the ground and at the same time he heard a voice from on high saying: 'Saul, Saul, why do thou persecute Me?'    Full of fear and consternation he answered: 'Who are Thou, Lord?'    The voice replied: 'I am Jesus whom thou persecutes; it is hard for thee to kick against the goad of My omnipotence.'    Again Saul answered with greater fear and trembling: 'Lord, what do Thou command and desire to do with me?'    The companions of Saul heard these questions and answers, though they did not see the Savior.   They saw the splendor surrounding him and all of them were filled with dread and astonishment at this sudden and unthought of event, and they were for some time dumbfounded.

...Saul was not only prostrated in body, blinded and bereft of his strength so that, if the divine power had not sustained him, he would have immediately expired; but also as to his interior he suffered more of a change than when he passed from nothingness into existence at his conception... Saul (now become Paul) immediately upon disposing himself for justification and on gaining grace, began to partake of glory and clearly saw the Divinity, though this vision was gradual...

Let us congratulate the sinners on the hope inspired by this wonderful justification, since we have for our Restorer, for our Father, and for our Brother: the same Lord who justified Paul; and He is not less powerful nor less holy for us, than for saint Paul."

The source of all goodness and wisdom is God, and this particular message was conveyed through:

The Mystical City of God, unabridged, revelations to Sister Mary of Jesus (Mary of Agreda), translated by Fiscar Marison, Vol.4, p.245

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Jul 23, 2009