Children Must Be Taught Generosity

Jesus says:  "You can always be generous through striving to overcome evil by good.   It is the interior effort that matters; it is for eternity, the visible result matters little; it is the interior effort which will produce fruit...  One must be blindly generous.   Children must be taught generosity: it will turn their souls towards Me for the whole of their lives.   Teach them to do rather more, than not enough - to give always a little more than is actually asked of them.   And in giving to hide their gifts. (To not draw attention to their giving, to give secretly, quietly)

I suffered much in My Passion, much more than was strictly necessary, but there was a reason for that excess of suffering.   Therefore let there be no limit to your generosity; it is that which will feed your love and increase your strength, it is that which will unfailingly draw down My gifts, because I am never outdone by generosity.

Just as I do not give you the virtues all at once, but I give you opportunities to acquire them by practising them,  neither do I give you all at once a grace that permanently intensifies your interior life, but I give you circumstances that you can use to develop your interior life.   Therein lies your responsibility: in the use of My gifts.   But you must know that you have need of help, and that the secret of My friendship, of My mercy, of My intimacy, lies in the humility which will make you show your soul such as it is.

Be generous for those in the world who are not so - you are interdependent, you influence one another - no act of generosity is lost."

The source of all goodness and wisdom is God, and this particular revelation is conveyed through:  The Spiritual Legacy of SISTER MARY of the HOLY TRINITY, Poor Clare of Jerusalem, revelations from Jesus to Louisa Jaques, [Van Den Broek, p.170,171]  (Recommend Bible as primary source and these teachings as supplemental)

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46-50, M
Dec 2, 2009