I Attract Souls Imperceptibly

Jesus says:  "Stay near Me.   When you become impatient and carried away by little passing things, you withdraw yourself from Me, your calm center, infinite and deep as the ocean, and as immovable...  Strive to live as I did.   Love all.   I loved even My executioners and I gave Myself up to their fury to obtain their pardon through My blood - the salvation of those souls created for Love and who did not know Love.   Love all, all that is not adverse to My action - and in all that happens to you love My hidden will, which seeks to draw you nearer to Myself...  It is a still greater love to call forth My action by the intensity of your prayer.   I always grant what you ask for the good of your soul...

I have made Myself so truly your Brother that I have willed that we should have the same Father - and that she who was the Mother of My Humanity should also be your Mother.   Have I not treated you as an equal, as My friend...?

I attract souls imperceptibly - but in a manner that is as sure as it is slow.   All real action is deep, hidden within you.   It escapes the sense.   When you act, you believe you know why, but you do not know what has prompted your understanding and your decisions.   It is My imperceptible work in the depths of your soul.   It is I who have inspired, suggested, begged the cooperation of your free will.   There lies your responsibility; to receive My grace, to correspond to it.   I do not enforce My wishes...  Souls must come to Me of themselves...

You must love so that the Spirit of God may communicate itself."

The source of all goodness and wisdom is God, and this particular revelation is conveyed through:  The Spiritual Legacy of SISTER MARY of the HOLY TRINITY, Poor Clare of Jerusalem, revelations from Jesus to Louisa Jaques, [Van Den Broek, p.181-182]  (Recommend Bible as primary source and these teachings as supplemental)

(What He says to one He says to all)

ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
Dec 8, 2009