A Call, #01 Thru #11


March 2, 2009.  The Lord says:  "Believe in Me, My People!

1. ...I call you My people, because none other than I, the Lord your God, have created you.

2. Is it conceivable that I could turn from My children and forget them?  Could a mother leave her children alone and not watch over them?  If one of her children were lost or his life were in danger, could she remain insensitive to losing this child for whom she labored in pain and suffering?

3. I tell you... even if a mother could walk away from her offspring, I, the Lord, will never leave you.  Did I not promise to be with you until the end of time?

4. Hear Me... I love you in such a perfect way.  Even when I was angry with you because of your sinful ways, I offered My only begotten Son for you.  He took a human body and died as a man so you could be saved.  I permitted Him to rise from the valley of death and return to Me.  By so doing, He made possible eternal life for you who were conceived in sinfulness and inherited death.  He also fulfilled My wish that it be done just as I planned and foretold long ago, when I inspired My prophets to speak My Holy Word.

5. And so I now call you My people, because I am your God... there are no gods other than Me!   Hear, O My People, the Lord your God is God alone!

6. You are My people when you deny and reject Me!  You are My people when, in your ignorance, you say "There is no God."  You are My people, stiff-necked as you are, even when you doubt that I ever created you!  I created you... in My image.  When the wisdom and knowledge of this world conflicts with my teachings, follow the faith of Peter who saw my glory and lives.

7. I am God and everlastingly so!  Regardless of how many idols you fabricate, there is and always shall remain this Supreme Being that I AM.

8. I have power of life and death over all living creatures.  They come into being when I choose to give life. No meteor streaks through the sky without My having planned it that way from the very beginning.

9. I created the physical world and placed it in your care, under your dominion and stewardship.  I continue to create and to sustain all that I have created.

10. I speak the Word and it is accomplished.  My Word obeys Me in complete surrender and fidelity, because in truth, I am the Word.

11. I am also Knowledge and because of this all people are invited to find knowledge and perfection in Me.  My Son crucified revealed Me to you; I am the Father of Jesus and I love you.

This is excerpts of a message from Our Lord to Alix Fils-Aime, PA. Alix has been receiving revelations from Our Lord and His Mother from the 1970's to this day.  The revelations primarily focus on a renewal of the faith, with an urgency to lead people back to God.  [ourladyofallgraces.org]  The Bible must be received with genuine faith.  In addition, Christians are free to accept or reject these private revelations, even though they are not in contradiction with the Truth.

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Jan 14, 2010