A Call, #42 Thru #50

Jesus said:  "I show you the way.   I point out to you the road that leads to happiness.   This road is running through My Merciful Heart.   But you keep turning in another direction.   You say that science must prevail; it is the age of reason and knowledge.   You believe that your intellect will guide you in a reasonable way.   You seek healing through psychology and, in so many other ways, you brush aside My call to you.   You act as gods unto yourselves with no need of Me.   Let us reason then... while there is still time to reason.

Your earthly wealth will be given to your heirs or to others who have not labored for it.   If strangers desecrate your grave searching for valuables, they will also find the ashes and dust from which I fashioned you in My image.   The gold and diamond rings buried with you will be theirs for the taking.   They will have no respect for you... as they had none for Me.   Even as I hung on the cross in agony dying for the love of you, they threw dice for My garments.   In their exhilaration at finding your treasures, the grave robbers will have no concern that they are desecrating the mortal remains of someone destined for immortality.   They may not know your name, and surely your miseries will be gone with the memory of you.   But... the disintegration of a human being is not at all as complete as it appears to be in the grave.   There is a part of you which lingers on in misery forever if it does not come to Me.   You act as if this world is permanent.   But you must understand that everything you touch is perishable, vulnerable and unstable."

This is excerpts of a message from Our Lord to Alix Fils-Aime, PA.   Alix has been receiving revelations from Our Lord and His Mother from the 1970's to this day.   The revelations primarily focus on a renewal of the faith, with an urgency to lead people back to God.  [ourladyofallgraces.org]   The Bible must be received with genuine faith.   In addition, we are free to accept or reject these private revelations, even though they are not in contradiction with the Truth.

ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
Feb 17, 2010