The Triumph Of The Cross

"The triumph of the Cross is the fulfillment of God's plan, His will that His children should be redeemed from sin and death.   Do you remember when you said that you would never see the Cross in the same way again, that it had become for you a symbol of the greatest Love that could exist?   This is a celebration of that love, that not even death in the most demeaning fashion could darken the Light that shone for the world.   It can be remembered in another way as well - all work done for God, no matter how menial, all suffering offered for His people, all acts of sacrifice, no matter how small, become a part of the triumph of the Cross. Remember this..."

From a series of private revelations from Mary, Mother of Christ, recorded by visionary Mary H. in Boise, Idaho.  Mary has said that she wants each person to come to know Jesus in such a way that He is as familiar as we are to ourselves.  Public revelation contained in Sacred Scripture was completed with the Apostles.  It (Bible) must be received with genuine faith.  In addition, Christians are free to accept or reject private revelations, even though they are not in contradiction with the Truth.

ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
Feb 19, 2010