At The Last Supper: Washing Of The Feet

At the Last Supper:  "Jesus said among other things that He Himself was their servant, and that the Apostles should take their places on the seats for Him to wash their feet.  They obeyed, observing the same order as at table...... Jesus went from one to another and, from the basin held under them by John, with His hand scooped up water over the feet presented to Him.  Then taking in both hands the long end of the towel with which He was girded, He passed it over the feet to dry them, and then moved on with James to the next.  John emptied the water after each one into the large basin in the center of the room, and then returned to the Lord with the empty one...... and so on.   During the whole of the Paschal Supper, the Lord's demeanor was most touching and gracious, and at this humble washing of His Apostles' feet, He was full of love...... In His instruction, Jesus had spoken of the washing of the feet as of a purification from daily faults, because the feet, coming in continual contact with the earth in walking, are constantly liable to become soiled.  This was a spiritual foot-washing, a kind of absolution...... Jesus next delivered an instruction upon humiliation.  He told them that he who was the greatest among them should be the servant, and that for the future they should in humility wash one another's feet."

The source of all truth is God, and this particular message was conveyed through:  The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations (to Anne Catherine Emmerich) arranged by Carl Schmoger, Vol.4, p.65

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