If You Allow Me To Work Through You

"... I am working in your soul if you are allowing Me to do so and you will come closer and closer to Me.   You see that I am calling you to do this.   I want you to behave like Me and even to think like Me.   You will be gentle and kind to those you meet in your day and they will then consider what it is that makes you different.   And there is a contrast between those following Me, and those following the world.   The closer you come to Me, the greater the contrast.   I would like to see a multitude of souls drawing closer to Me.   You can help with this project because you represent Me.   I am calling everyone and I use each of you to do this.   So be My Voice in your world and cry out to your brothers and sisters.   Tell them of My love for them and tell them of My wish to draw them closer to Me.   If you allow Me to work through you, I will do so.   If you practice loving all souls and being merciful to all souls, soon you will be speaking My name to them.   You understand that if you are not merciful and kind, it will not matter what you say because souls will be repelled.   It is only through your love, inspired by Me, that they are moved.   So be gentle as I am gentle..."

From 2003 through today, Anne, a mother of six, began receiving interior locutions from Jesus regarding a renewal of faith in the world. Anne said:  "Jesus began to direct me...... During this time, I also began to experience direction from the Blessed Mother.  Their voices are not hard to distinguish.  I do not hear them in an auditory way, but in my soul or mind."


ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
Feb 25, 2010