What Is Happening Here Is Not So Difficult To Understand

Mary, Mother of Christ, said on 09/27/91:  "My dear children.  Listen to God's words through Scripture, through these messages and learn.  You have no need to be afraid.  What is happening here is not so difficult to understand.  God has simply chosen to speak more directly to you that He may in turn speak to many through these messages.  It is not a strange thing.  HE has done this in many ways for many centuries to draw renewed attention to His truths recorded in the Scriptures.  People seem to have a great need for such reminders.  It is right that you question, for you are then open to the answers, but do not, my children, question the love of God, for it is upon this knowledge - the first of your truths - that you must build.  Ask me as you will but do not for even a moment relinquish your hold on HIS hand.  Go in God's peace..."

From a series of private revelations from Mary, Mother of Christ, recorded by visionary Mary H. in Boise, Idaho.  Mary has said that she wants each person to come to know Jesus in such a way that He is as familiar as we are to ourselves.  Public revelation contained in Sacred Scripture was completed with the Apostles.  It (Bible) must be received with genuine faith.  In addition, Christians are free to accept or reject private revelations, even though they are not in contradiction with the Truth.

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46-50, M
Feb 26, 2010