Lesson From When Mary Lost Young Jesus

"My daughter, all the works of my most holy Son and my own actions are full of mysterious instruction and doctrine for the people who contemplate them diligently and reverently...

When young Jesus was lost and later located in the temple:  "The Lord absented Himself from me (Mary) in order that, seeking Him in sorrow and tears, I might find Him again in joy and with abundant fruits for my soul.   I desire that you imitate me in this mystery and seek Him with such earnestness, as to be consumed with a continual longing without ever in your whole life coming to any rest until you hold Him (in your heart) and can lose Him no more.   In order that you may understand this better... remember, that the infinite Wisdom (God) made men capable of His eternal felicity and placed them on the way to this happiness, but left them in doubt of its attainment, as long as they have not yet acquired it, and thus filled them with joyful hope and sorrowful fear of its final acquisition.   This anxiety engenders in men a lifelong fear and abhorrence of sin, by which alone they can be deprived of beatitude, and thus prevent them from being ensnared and misled by the visible things of this earth.   This anxiety the Creator assists by adding to the natural reasoning powers: faith and hope, which are the spurs of their love toward seeking and finding their last end...   He sends His aspirations and help to keep awake the soul in the absence of its Lord and to prevent forgetfulness of Him and of itself while deprived of His amiable presence.   Thus it pursues the right course until it finds the great goal, where all its inclinations and longing shall be satiated (in God)."

(In the absence of her Son, Mary also demonstrated trust in the Lord; patience... knowing that God would reunite her with Him.)

The source of all goodness and wisdom is God, and this particular message was conveyed through:  The Mystical City of God, unabridged, this revelation of God to Sister Mary of Jesus (Mary of Agreda), translated by Fiscar Marison, Vol.3, p.58  (Recommend Bible as primary source and these teachings as supplemental)

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Feb 27, 2010