Obedience To God

"The victories that you must gain over yourself are very important, even if no one except Me sees them - they are very great victories that hasten the coming of the Kingdom of God.  Your greatest field of action lies there within you...

Obedience is that state of docility which supresses every obstacle between My will and yours - a constant adhesion of your whole self to the spirit of faith - it is the love of your heart in action...

If it happens that you are thought useless, that you are little liked, that you are not wanted, that your intentions are misunderstood, welcome with joy these opportunities of following Me on the path of silence and love.

Happiness is yours; you can find Me with you at every moment, in every occupation that comes to you - and when you accomplish your duty fully, perfectly, you find Me still more.  Why do you seek Me elsewhere?

That is order, peace, the development of all human activity;  it is union between yourselves and between you and Me;  when each soul spends herself in performing her duty with love and perfection, you fulfill My expectation.

Once a soul has knowledge of the state of obedience, she can no longer bear to live outside that state because it unites you to Me.

Conflicts, bitterness, rebellion disappear, while I bring peace, strength, life, and faith in mutual love."

The source of all goodness and wisdom is God, and this particular revelation is conveyed through:  The Spiritual Legacy of SISTER MARY of the HOLY TRINITY, Poor Clare of Jerusalem, revelations from Jesus to Louisa Jaques, [Van Den Broek, p.249-251]  (Recommend Bible as primary source and these teachings as supplemental)

(What He says to one He says to all)

ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
Mar 3, 2010