Near The End Of Jesus' Passion In The Garden

After Jesus had prayed for several hours, and discovered His Apostles asleep several times...

"Christ, the Son of Man, writhed in anguish and wrung His hands.   As if overwhelmed, He fell repeatedly on His knees, while so violent a struggle went on between His human will and His repugnance to suffer so much for so thankless a race, that the sweat poured from Him in a stream of heavy drops of blood to the ground.   Yes, He was so oppressed that He glanced around as if seeking help, as if calling upon Heaven and earth and the stars of the firmament to witness His anguish...

I noticed on the moon what I had not seen before.   It looked quite different... In its center, I saw a dark spot.   It looked like a flat disc lying before it... and all around the moon was a circle of light like a rainbow.

In His sore distress, Jesus raised His voice for some instants in loud cries of anguish.   I saw that three Apostles sprang up in fright.   With raised hands, they listened to Jesus' cries and were on the point of hastening to Him.   But Peter stopped James and John, saying:  'Stay here!  I will go to Him.'   And I saw him hurrying forward and entering the grotto.   'Master,' he cried, 'what has happened to Thee?' - but he paused in terror at the sight of Jesus bathed in blood and trembling with fear.   Jesus made no answer, and appeared not to notice Peter.   Then Peter returned to the other two, and reported that Jesus had answered him only by sighs and groans.   This news increased the sorrow and anxiety of the Apostles.   They covered their heads and sat weeping and praying with many tears.

I turned again to Jesus in His bitter agony.   The frightful visions of the ingratitude and the misdeeds of future generations whose debt He was taking upon Himself, whose chastisement He was about to endure, overwhelmed Him with their ever-increasing multitude and horror.   His struggle against the repugnance of His human nature for suffering continued, and several times I heard Him cry out:  'Father, is it possible to endure all this?   O Father, if this chalice cannot pass from Me, may Thy will be done!' "

The source of all truth is God, and this particular message was conveyed through:  The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations (to Anne Catherine Emmerich) arranged by Carl Schmoger, Vol.4, p.96

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Mar 4, 2010