Jesus Speaks To Small Children

On June 21, 2004, Jesus speaks to little children:  "Dear children of the world, how I love you.   You were created by God the Father and He created each one of you with the most careful thought.   Indeed, in heaven's eyes, you are perfect.   I am Jesus, and I am in heaven with the Father.   But because I am God and come from God, I can do anything.   I am powerful, dear children, but I do not like to show off, so I do not use My powers in silly ways.   I use My powers in important ways, that will help people.   One way that I use My power is to make people happy when they are sad or worried.   Are you sad or worried?   If you are, then you must come to Me and I will make you happy again.   It is important for you to know how to come to Me so I am going to tell you.   When you wish to come to Me, Jesus, and tell Me about your problems, you must pray.   There are many ways to pray and they are all perfect.   One way to pray is to close your eyes and speak to Me silently in your head.   You might wonder how I can hear you if you are speaking silently.   That is part of My "magic", dear little child.   When you wish to speak to Me, your Jesus, who is your very best friend, you can speak to Me at any time, in any place.   I will hear you.   I will listen care fully to your worries or to your trouble, and I will help you.   You will not see Me, but I will be there.  I am in heaven, yes, as I told you.   But I am also everywhere on the earth.   Wherever you are, I am also.   So if you are playing, I am there.   If you are eating, I am there.   If you are going to sleep at night, I am with you.   You will never be in a place where I am not.   I am your invisible friend and I never go away from you.   So tell Me everything that worries you, because I love you and I want to know.   I can help you with many problems.   You will know that I am with you because after you speak to Me you will feel a bit better...

There is a whole chapter of Jesus speaking to children, in this Volume6, free online at =>

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