Invisible Servants Of The Light

On August 26, 2004, Jesus says:  "When a soul is experiencing difficulty, I send additional angels to assist.   In this way, a soul has heavenly influences to help counteract the worldly influences with which he is struggling.   If a soul requests heavenly help, I can send even more assistance in the way of angels and graces.   "How does this help, Jesus,"  I hear My little ones asking.   It helps because when you ask Me for help, and I send angels, you are surrounded by these beings who are praying for you and petitioning saints to pray for you.   They influence the actions of others, also, and can obtain earthly assistance for you by inspiring a holy soul to come to your aid at just the right time.   How many times have you said that this one or that one was a life saver to you?   Do you think that this happened accidentally?   Hardly, little ones.   I sent that soul into your life to assist you and that soul was inspired by the promptings of the little servants of light who surround you.   There is so much happening in your world that is necessarily invisible to you.   If you saw all of these things you would not struggle at all and then there would be no need for your beautiful acts of faith and love and obedience to Me.   These things provide heaven with delightful music from the earth.   During this time, when the majority do not serve, I am particularly consoled and responsive to those who are trying their best to benefit the Kingdom.   So be brave and confident.   You are part of a team, as we continually remind you, and you shall have all of the help you need, and more help besides.

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Apr 18, 2010