Dat Night 2gethr On Phone!!!

Since me n my bf lived far away from each other phone was n still is d only medium 4 us 2 communicate or 2 b 2gether.I use 2 call him every eve as he's out n m alone at home at dat time n we cn talk freely.Bt dat wasn't d day.I cudn't call him due 2 sme reasons in d eve.So wen i got time at nit around10 i called him.We talked 4 about 20 mins bt he had 2 hang on me as his mother was getting angry:-P
I asked wen we cud talk n he told me 2 call around 12 or may b later.I did so.I m a sound sleeper so I set an alarm at 12:35.Went 2 sleep,woke up wid d alarm,calld him...no one pickd up!I knew my lover was fast asleep!"nevermind" i thought!Abt 5 mins later he calld.I was happy lik nething!First we had sme casual talks.But as d nit grew we started missing each other all d more evn wen we were on d other sides of d phone!We talked abt gettin married n all other future stuff.Every time i picked up a topic wid an answer which made both of us a bit worried he used 2 say-"b romantic"!!!:-) I used 2 blush evry tim he said dis! I became silent after sme time.He was also silent.We were like dis 4 a long tim.He broke d silence-"kya hua?" n i simply replied-"kch nai!" I was feeling very down dat moment.Wanted him by my side!Same was his feeling.He said he wanted 2 meet me...lik right den! Dis line brought tears in my eyes.We both knew dat wasn't possible ,still didn't cry.We were silent again.We both could still talk though bt dis time widout words...Again he was d one 2 brk d silence.He said he wanted 2 touch me.Dese words made a chill run through my spine.My heart was pounding like nething.How i wanted 2 hug him right dat moment.I told him so.N den suddenly he started calling me by all sweet names n all sorts of name a gf can expect from his bf like"janu",sweetoo","sweety pie",...also my pet name by him-"DAISY"...n one name dat still makes me smile n kinda laugh-"my scooty pep+".Dis one may sound a bit out of field bt still dat nit watever he was calling me wid
made my heart throb faster n faster.Dis continued 4 lik 40 to 45 mins.I loved every name by which he was calling me.I didn't speak throughout dat time,jst kept smiling,blushing with love...I cn correctly remembr d tim,it was 3:50am wen i remembered dat we both had classes d nxt day n told him 2 sleep.NO!-was d answer.But den he askd whether i wanted 2 sleep or nt.I didn't.I jst wantd dat nit 2 nevr end.I wanted him 2 keep going on saying dose sweet names ,again n again saying "luv u" n me replyin "luv u more" n him answering back "no i luv u more"...............I didnt want all dat 2 end!Bt 4 his sake i forced him 2 go 2 sleep...We said"LUVVVV UUU"!!!Hanged up at 3:54 am.
Nxt day wen we talked it was like d first questn dat day from hm-"wat happend 2 me last night?"...Hw cud I ans dat one.I was still in d same nit even 13 hrs later!Neither I nor he cud figure out wat happened 2 both of us(especially him:-))...not evn till 2day!watevr was wid us dat nit...........JST LOVEEDDD IT!!! I COULDN"T SLEEP DAT NIGHT!:-) <3
Daizy04 Daizy04
Apr 23, 2011