Wake Up

So many real people are sharing their stories with all of us, and all most of you do is read their experiences without giving some sort of encouragement or sharing your own personal experience. What are you so scared off? Open up and share your soul with other people. Especially people who need it more than others. A kind word and some positive thinking can really mean alot and help people out. SimplySarah did just that for me. Don't be afraid,open your heart. When the power of love overcomes the love the power, the world will know peace--Jimi Hendrix. Peace,J    Make a difference in life.
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8 Responses Aug 14, 2007

Cool beans Cereza! Just share what you have to say! Peace,J

i often want to know what people are thinking to share with them but dont say so much about me, about my storied... but now i will try...

Thanks PinkCookiees.<br />
J is me,Jen. Peace,J<br />
Make a difference was just the additional ending. ;)

Thank you.All of you soul searching positive energy people ROCK!! Peace,J

It is a wonderful site and what you said is right on the nose. We all need to feel the positive energy and strength from each other; whether we are sharing a joyful occasion or a trying one. The point is feed our souls and to connect us!

Cool. This is a wonderful site isn't it! Peace,J

Don't mind me, I was grouchy at that time. But lo the hypocrite. I try to do the same when I am on here too, but it is so hard to do when their are sooo many people on Ep. Peace,J

A good suggestion. I haven't commented here much, but I do hope to do more in the future, especially if a story particularly resonates with me. That's the point of this site, after all.