A Special One

It was a rainy October night. We had run into an ambush. We couldn't keep the V.C. off us. They were cutting us to pieces in a crossfire tactics. A 15 man platoon and 7 of us were down. For 45 minutes this firefight had been going on. I had no
Choice I had to call for ARTY. He would land right in the perimeter. Who the V.C. didn't take he would. When the shelling stopped and the smoke cleared. I was down bleeding
in the mud. Along with 5 KIA and 3 more wounded with me and 38 dead V.C. The Jolly Greens lifted us to Nai Trang. That's where I saw the Angeles. Mine was taking care of me
Cleaning the mud and blood off me cutting away the bloody clothes. She was holding my hand and giving me comfort as they took me to surgery. Before going back I watched as the other 2 boys from my platoon die. The nurses never left their side. Fighting back tears holding their hands as they took their last breath.
My nurse took care of me very well. Always giving me a smile while changing my bandages. She even escorted me to my last Jolly Green homeward bound for me. I told my mom about these special Angeles. How they take such good care of the
wound boys. So far away from home. My mom was relieved when
She heard that her wounded son 10,000 miles away was in good hands. I wish these special nurses would tell the mom's of the ones that didn't make it. That their sons didn't get left behind to die in the mud.
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Nov 28, 2012