The Village

It stood for a thousand years has seen it's share of tears. Once again faces war fear as we walked right into hell. On a day so clear and bright. The stage is set for another firefight. The chief rang the warning bell as mamasun ran grabbing their kids. Knowing where all the V.C. hid.
Tension about to blow the lid. This firefight we can't loose lord I need a shot of booze. V.C. guns open up hot and on target. I see mamasun and kids drop as their caught in a crossfire. After two hours and several arty shells the fight is over.
With six men lost from my platoon along with 21 mamasun 's 14 kids and 80 V.C.'s. This was such a sad fight as GI 's and all die for a liar. We
Set the remaining huts on fire as we
Take a jolly green flight out. We look down to watch it burn. Knowing it will damn well return. As sure as the hands of time turn.

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Nov 29, 2012