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Well Billy Joe It's been 43 YEARS TODAY. When you and your dad came by our house. A chilly sunny January day much like today. Home from Nam and I'm in a wheelchair. Still in my OD field jacket.

You couldn't get to me fast enough to get in my face. With your dirty longhair and bellbottom jeans. Saying now you dumb SOB how you like it now cripple. Then spitting in my face as you called me a baby killing bastard.

I reached for my KBAR knife and ready to throw as it took your dad and mine both to get it away from me. I'd a killed your sorry *** where you stood. Your dad dragged you back to the car. Saying to me he was sorry.

Well your eyes almost popped out of your head. As I threw that knife into the oak tree in the front yard. The one you stood in front of. Amazed as it stuck 3 inches deep. In the side of a 6 inch wide tree. Your dad telling you look and see. Just how close you came to being buried today.

Well Billy Joe little did you know that in six months I get my revenge. For I'd be walking at the family Reunion. And have my day. Only this time our dad's didn't interfere. As I beat your *** good that day. We never spoken to each other since. And Billy Joe that little 8 foot 6 inch wide tree. Now stands over 40 feet and 4 feet wide.

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Got the use back in my legs after 6 months I returned home.

I`ve been doing some writing about my PTSD in Creative Writing and I think I`ll add part 3 into the Nam group.

Are you still in a wheel chair ?, I met an Iraqi vet in Waco and he was telling us about coming home on leave and some ******* spit on him in the airport. He said that it happened so fast and it surprised him when all of a sudden a Marine grabbed this guy and bent him over a rail. He told the young to go no his way he would teach this guy his lesson, he walked on so never knew what the jarhead did to the guy.

No I got the feeling back in my legs 6 months after I returned home. It was just nerve numbness from where the frag hit close to the base of the spine. I was lucky and was walking normal after 3 months of rehab to build the strength back into them. Thank God every morning for it to. Add stories please. The more the better and you will be surprised at to what it does for PTSD. PASS that tis bit on. It does help especially on an anversery date like it was for me today.

Whenever I go to the VA hospital and see these your guys with both legs gone it tears me up.

I know that's why I'm so thankful. And I don't know what's worse the IED'S OF
Today or the bouncy Bettie we had

Thanks for rate up wings