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I've just been through two days of hell. Lord I'm tired it was a hell of a firefight. The jolly greens on the way to remove us from this place. Lord I've got six dead and two wounded. I'm cold and tired and in such pain.
Oh Lord I am down I can't feel my legs I can't get to the jolly green. I'm now realize I been hit. I'm 10,000 miles away from home covered in blood and great pain. As I don't realize this will be. The final dust off from battle for me. Lord make that six dead and now three wounded counting me.

Oh nurse I can't feel my legs. And yet there's no pain. Oh Lord I'm 10,000 miles from home oh please don't let this be. Oh nurse did my buddies make it to? No please say it isn't true. Oh lord I now have eight that are dead. Please take home their souls and keep them safe.

Oh nurse say it isn't so I'm homeward bound this way. Wait is that jolly green for me? Oh Lord it's my final NAM dust off I'm 10,000 miles from home. Oh Lord no my Momma doesn't know. I can't go home this away. Oh Lord I heard your voice telling me. At least it's not a box for me. Unlike my two cousins and my brother.

Oh momma please beware I'm not the boy that left your side. Momma please beware I'm in a chair. But momma please don't weep for me I'll be be fine just wait and see. Oh momma I'm alive for you to see. Oh Lord I am home and I thank you so.
Oh lord I just realized I'm 10,000 miles away from Vietnam.

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snowlover13 snowlover13
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Not easy to be away from home...

Especially during the holidays, this time of year is hard on alot of vets.

True and thankful everyday that my leg
Use came back six months later.

I hate the holidays glad their over. My next big one is memorial day.

I am kind of worried about going to The Wall in May but I feel I really need to go.

I know the feeling I hate getting in ODs for our national cemetery services. Especially with family members buried there.

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She heard riki

It is amazing that after all these years we can remember events like ours like they happened yesterday. What scares me is the ghosts that visit me trying to pull me out of bed wanting to take me with them.

Oh yeah. It's been awhile but I've been brought home more than once by a neighborhood cop. In my underware and web belt.

At least you had your underwear on and I hope it was clean.

Always clean and I still have my KBAR and pistol holster on that belt with several frag pins attached and canteen.

You sound like one of those those dooms day preppers, wonder how many dumb people bought those super bomb shelters. I figure if the world blows apart all I can do is bend over and kiss my **** goodbye.

Not really I just didn't turn mine in. I guess one of my buddies slipped in my Duffy bag. I found it a few months after I got home buried at the bottom. Wrapped in a OD shirt. Customs didn't check that close in those days.

They did`nt check that close cause when you opened your duffle bag it smelled like the creek that ran behind the latrine.

Thats right that's why we had to burn all our ODs you could not get that smell out.
Even pure pine oil didn't work.

I was told you guys got a shower everytime it rained of course between the monsoon seasons it never rained.

I remember talking with my wife in Saigon as we made that last turn to land when the aircraft was shaken and just explode in flames as we were hit with a Sam
I do not know if my wife heard me tell her I loved her.

She was killed the next day as she walked to her office in Saigon but a baby bomb the guy she was walking with was home sick and saw a child crying, and we know the rest ball bearings pop bottle caps.
i was in a coma for 6 months

I cannot imagine going thru that, I`m sure she knew that you loved her and as long as you live she`ll never be gone.

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Lord can't believe I feel this way 43 years later.