Firefight Christmas ©

I'll not be home for Christmas. Won't have tinsel, tree, or lights. Can't hear carols or bells. We wait for the V.C. hell. It's just another day in Vietnam. All quiet through the land. We know this will turn bad.

V.C. promise a Christmas cease fire.
WE ALL know Ho Chi Minn is a liar. Do hear what I hear sorry to say that's not Santa. Incoming packages from the north. Seasons greetings from a V.C. camp. Wish we could kill the moon lamp. Again the V.C. lied
As we get our *** fried. Told you Ho
Chi Minn was liar. So long Christmas
Cease fire.

169© snowlover13 sjs

Written by snowlover13 sjs copyright claimed.

snowlover13 snowlover13
61-65, M
Jan 22, 2013