Shared The Wife With 2 Friends(she Still Doesnt Know)

This experience happened when me and my wife were still dating back in high school. And still to this day she has no clue that it even happened...

Well we were at a party, at my buddies house, drinking and hanging out, just having a good time. Well my wife/gf (at the time) had a little bit too many and was stumbling around, so i helped her to the couch in the living room. While on the couch, we started to make out hardcore and i started to notice a couple of my buddies watching pretty intently. One of which has always told me he wanted to **** my gf/wife if I ever wanted to give her up. Well i was getting pretty turned on by the audience watching so i started to give them a little show. I undid her shirt and unclasped her bra and let one of her **** hang out. Then i got up to go to the restroom, just to see if she would ever notice that her boob was out and giving everybody there a free peep show! She never noticed! On my way back from the restroom two of my buddies approached me and asked if they could watch us have sex in the room we were going to stay in. I hesitated but agreed for them to just WATCH from the closet and i wouldnt tell her that they were in there.

So while they went upstairs to the room to get into position, i rearranged my gf's goodies and helped her up the stairs to the room. When we got to the room, she was almost completely out of it but still wanted to ****. I laid her down on the bed and began to undress her. While i was undressing her i peeked over to the closet door to see if they really were watching, and just like two deer in headlights they stood there gaizing at my gf. I reached over and turned off the lights and got into bed with her and began to kiss her. When i was kissing her neck, trying to get my clothes off, i noticed she was bucking alot already. I didnt think nothing of it until she became uncontrollable. When i reached between her legs to assist what i thought was her masterbaiting, i felt a hand but it wasnt hers. So i looked down there and one of my friends was standing at the foot of the bed gently rubbing her ****! At first I was pissed but then the anger turned into excitement listening to her moan like a *****. So i let it continue. Well it wasnt long before the other bud creeped out of the closet and had his hands all over her body. By this time the excitement took over and i was just gonna see what was going to happen. So i got up and just watched them fondle and rub their hands all over her body. She was enjoying all of it and still thought it was just me.

Well the first one to touch her, noticed that i was enjoying the show and motioned to me if he could **** her, i just nodded yes and that is all he needed from me. In no time, he had his pants around his ancles, her a legs in the air, and his **** ballsdeep in her ****. All while the other bud was sucking and kneading her ****. It didnt take him long before i noticed his thrusting slow to a gradual pound and in a couple more strokes, he pulled out and went all over her stomach. She felt his warm ooze hit her skin and started to rub it all over ****. Then the other guy looked up at me and i already knew what he wanted so i just smiled and nodded and put my finger over my mouth as to say be quiet. He then dropped his drawers and immediately started ******* her harder than i have ever ****** her. He reached down and stuck his fingers in her ****, and played with her ****, all while thrusting harder and harder. She moaned with pleasure as she climaxed over and over again. I took his other hand and guided it to the back of her head and motioned it to pull her hair. I have never tried this so i had no clue what to expect, but with one firm yank back, she bowed up, put her **** in his face and screamed for more. He was whispering to her now and told her he was about to explode and within a couple more minutes, i heard him grunt and yank her head back by her hair and came all inside her!!!

When they were finished they left the room and i climbed aboard and finished her off. Still to this day she thinks that we just had sex three times that night. oh what little does she know!!!!

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Great story, lucky b@stards!


damn that was ******* awesome!!!

Hot story, would love to see her I will send pics of my wife I am at

Great story

Hot story, wish I could set up something like that for my wife.

I would love you to share her with me

She probably secretly told her close friends...I got banged by a couple of my BF's buddies that are so hot! They thought I was too drunk to know but wow it was hot!!! One even came in my *****! My BF thought I didn't know even though I could not control my ******* BF topped it off by ******* my *** filled ***** too. It was so dreamy and he does not think that I knew it was his hot friends ******* me all along...he does not have a clue.... :) We all came!!! Hot!!! Thanks for sharing and giving me the chance to share my thoughts too... dc

add me pls

Great story!

Great story, thanks for sharing!

******* hot. Please add so we can enjoy pictures and comment. My wife read this and now wants me to **** her off over it. Thanks so much!

AWESOME STORY !! Thanks for sharing !!

Phenomenal story--I bet that runs through your mind when you're ******* here. I'd love to see more of her!

I remember reading a story about a woman who faked being drunk so she could have sex with 2 of her boyfriends friends?

well that was so much of fun i guess...........did you try it again with her knowledge?

That is ******* hot, have you done this since?


very hot story thanks for sharing

I think you are just a big J E R K

Total awesomeness!

That is a hot ******* story!!!!

My opinion is that she DID know, but certainly didn't want you to know she knew. That way she doesn't get labeled as a freaky ****. Think about it.

Great story! I would love to be in there.

No wonder your a convert. The trick is to be able to **** guys like that when she is's mind blowing for all. Happy hunting :-)

Great story!

Tell us you got some pictures or better yet, video....

Love the story!

before you tell her - ask her about MFM and see what she thinks.

only after she ***** another man you can consider telling her what happened.

good luck!

please add me.

If you want to repeat it with my wife when you get to Oahu, e-mail me at but be prepared to make sure she is out cold first.

Not sure what you have to get her that far out of it but I sure want to watch you go for it IF she is really passed out.