One Of The Best Bathes Ever....

We had been out to dinner and had drinks and had been flirting with each other all night. We could see how much one desired the other by looking in each others eyes. So we went back to my place and decided to enjoy a jacuzzi bubble bath together. As we sat in the tub together talking, she slowly began to rub her hand on my leg and she eased her way closer to me. My heart started beating faster as I wanted to feel her body against mine. We began to kiss and I let my hand slide up her thigh to her *****, it felt so nice as I fingered her. She slide closer to me with our legs wrapped around each other, and we continued to kiss. I loved how her breast felt against mine and she began to rub my ****. I wanted to taste her so bad and to feel her **** between my lips. We couldn't take it anymore, we had to move from the tub to the bed. I needed to taste her. We continued for hours and It was one of the best experiences I ever had.
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Very enjoyable indeed.

Your writing seems to have special sensitivity. Do you think so?