My Master Punished Me

I was in a serious BDSM relationship with a man who was very young but very sure of his role as a dominant. He never saw his need for sex in any other way, and he refused to **** anyone who wanted it "tender." He was also very sure that I misbehaved on purpose. He was right and I did it because his anger always translated into sex, and he needed and enjoyed punishing me. He had a nice, long, fat **** that would rip into me and make me bleed, which enraged him more. His anger always translated into rough, brutal ******* that left me sore and screaming my penance! I loved it, I loved his **** -- probably much more than I loved him.

I did enjoy teasing him, and admit to pushing his boundaries. I did not "top from the bottom" but I was always horny for his **** and the feel of his abuse, culminating with his **** in any hole he desired. I was always trying to get more and more. He encouraged me, but made it clear that he didn't appreciate my lack of disclipline. With him, I came to understand that I'm not a BDSM sub at all, but simply a bratty painslut who needed the sex to be rough and abusive.

He had been away for six weeks, and I couldn't resist taking another man to bed with me. I was too horny to wait, and as luck would have it, he came to my place a day earlier than expected. He actually punched and kicked the man, threw him out of the house buck-naked, tossed his clothes out the window, and then locked all the doors and windows.

I was so excited watching all this, anticipating a beating, followed by a blinding bout of sex. He strung me up on a ceiling hook by my wrists and whipped me till I was wailing and screaming, and covered in welts and broken skin. He loosened the rope so I could get on my knees for him to facefuck me hard, making me choke and gag. Instead of letting me swallow his massive load, he came on my whipped **** and rubbed the sticking, salty potion over my wounds. His *** tightened up as it dried on my skin, causing more pain and discomfort. He refused to **** my *****, ******* my mouth more brutally than usual. This went one for days and days, and my **** was itching for his ****. He'd never done this to me before.

The following week, he took me to meet a woman he had been chatting to online. She had never done anal, and wanted her to do him. She was a more classical BDSM sub than me, and I was rather jealous of her as he put her through some rules and paces. He did not speak to me or look at me the whole time we were with her. That was part of my punishment. I watched him **** her ***** and heard her scream and *** as his big **** banged her. I was never so sad in my life, but I didn't cry in front of him.

When the time came for him to **** her ***, I knew my role. I was to lie beneath her and suck on her **** and watch his **** strain to enter her virgin hole. My job was to keep her stimulated and *******, so she would associate this intense pain with the pleasure of a deep and unending ******. I had been told that if I did well, he'd consider ******* my ***** again. So I sucked and licked and nipped at her *****, and she was crying with her *******. I watched as his **** popped into her ***, then saw the blood as he tore her and kept banging her so hard she passed out. He kept ******* her, knowing I was staring at his beautiful shaft in someone else's hole, ******* her ripped *** to punish ME. He pulled out and came on my head, with her body lying prone over me.

The next time he ****** her, he had her sitting on his lap, facing away from him. I watched her face contort in pain and lust and passion as he fed his big **** into sore ***. When his **** head pushed into her sore *** and she shrieked in pain, I got to work eating her ***** and sucking on his balls in this position.

By the end of the night, he declared her as his new submissive, and she totally craved his discipline. Unlike me, she obeyed him, fearing what he was doing to me. Though it looked like he was ostensibly punishing me for ******* another man while he was away, in reality, he was punishing me for not obeying him, for being less than the BDSM sub he wanted for himself.

He broke his promise to me, and didn't **** me anymore, using me only to prime his new woman. She loved it, and she loved him more than I did. We broke up shortly after, and I learned later that he also dumped the other woman immediately after that. I guess she wasn't as fulfiling as he'd thought, and her role really was just to punish me. Ironically, I loved him more after learning this.

He did contact me again, and told me that he wanted to punish me again. Emotionally at the time, I couldn't take more punishment; he'd finally found something that weakened me. Having discovered that I was not a good sub (just a brat!), it made sense for me to move on, because I couldn't deal with him knowing how to truly hurt me.

I did thank him for sharing this woman with me. As agonizing, frustrating, and humiliating as it was, it was SO HOT!
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

pakit, some of us learn that the hard way, though to be fair, i didn't realize such divisions in BDSM. i'm happy i learned this about myself. i still miss my old master, but though we were excellent fucktoys for each other, ultimately, neither of us could fulfill the other!

publius, it was stuff like that that forced me to understand that i'm not a real sub.

publius, this IS the cute side!