Family a Shared Experience

This may sound strange to some, but one Sunday morning I woke up with extreme pain and tenderness around my ribs and my stomache and my neck, following which I also spent most of Sunday morning with a blinding headache with no apparent cause.
I rang my mum to tell her about the pain I had woke up in, only for my mum to interrupt the coversation half way through, to tell me that my sister was at her house and that she had told her only 5 minutes previous that she had been seriously beaten up last night and the attacker had tried to strangle her, he had kicked her all around her rib cage and in her stomache as she had fell to the floor at the time.  Is this just coincidence or something more, I have consulted others for advice on this incident including other incidents I have had, which I shall post up on exp project, with no replies as yet. Any replies would be most greatfuly received, or anyone with any similar experiences to share, thanks, lisa.x.
oldskoolchick32 oldskoolchick32
31-35, F
Aug 6, 2007