Rally Bonus

It was late afternoon as I pulled into the campground situated in the tall pines of The Black Hills. I was in South Dakota for the Sturgis Bike Rally and was about a week early. It had been a long hard day on the road but I wanted to get there and have an opportunity to relax before the crowd began to arrive.

There was only one other camper in that section of the camp. As I was setting up and unloading, they came over and introduced themselves as Tina and Roy. I was immediately attracted to Tina. She was about 5'4" and 120#. Not large breasts but a nice size that matched the rest of her trim body. It was obvious from the way her shirt outlined her breasts that she had no bra and from the way her shorts fit that she wasn't wearing panties either. After talking for a few minutes, they invited me for a beer later.

A couple of hours later, I grabbed a 6 pack and wondered over to their camp site. It was dark and they had a nice fire burning. I noticed that Tina had changed to a top with thin straps. It seemed to be at least a couple of sizes too large. As she bent over to get a beer from the cooler not only did I get a nice view of her breasts but when she stood up, one slipped out rather than into her blouse. She didn't make a big deal of it and just put it away. As we drank and talked, the conversation started to get personal. Roy said they both liked to be nude and often would spend days without wearing clothing. I imagined Tina naked and started to get an erection. It didn't help that she was less and less concerned about her breasts being exposed or how much I could see up her shorts. Finally Roy told her to stop teasing and just take her top off. Roy explained that he was a professional photographer and had many pictures of Tina naked and in a variety of positions. He offered to show a few and of course I didn't decline. As I looked at Tina on the computer screen I knew I had to **** her. In a couple of the pics, there was a man and Roy explained that sometimes she posed with someone else.

I couldn't believe it when he asked if I would be interested. Tina had suggested it after our meeting earlier.

We went to the back of their motor home. Tina was there in the bedroom wearing just her shorts. Roy suggested we become more comfortable as he got the cameras ready. Tina explained that we didn't need to pose but just continue to move and Roy would take both still and video pics. We started to kiss and I soon had one of her nipples in my mouth and was sucking hard when Roy entered. He was pleased we had started and encouraged us to finish undressing.

As soon as we were naked, Tina had me on my back and slipped her lips over my hard ****/ Soon I was not even aware of Roy taking pictures. I lifter her up and moved her until she was straddling my head. She was completely shaved and I could see the moisture gleaming from her *****. I raised my head and lapped up the first taste of her female musk with my tongue. As I slipped my tongue into her love tunnel I felt her muscles tighten. A few more tastes and I licked my way to her ****. It was hard and well exposed. I took it into my mouth and began to suck her. When I touched it with the tip of my tongue, her legs began to quiver and she raised off my ****. Tina continued to stroke my erection with her hands as she ground her wet ***** into my mouth.

I felt her stiffen and a loud moan came from deep inside her. Her ***** began to pulsate and I sensed a slight change in taste and texture of her juices. I knew she was ready to *** and increased my efforts. I was rewarded in a matter of seconds as her juices filled my mouth and washed over my face. That was all it took to push me over the edge and my hot *** shot into the air as she guided it to her beautiful breasts.

Roy downloaded the pics as Tina and I showered. We were all three naked as Roy showed us the pics. Tina remarked that the next time, she wanted my **** and that load of *** deep inside her. Needless to say, I was happy to fulfill that wish.

It was a rally to remember and we plan to meet there again next year.
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