The First Time We Fuc%ed Her

This was before we were married, My best friend was over for the weekend he lived out of town, He was kinda shy later that night after we had been drinking, my wife was drunk as hell and went into our room and put a white tee on and just her panties, she came out and sat on the couch it was weird because we had not done this before and at this point this had never been talked about. Mike my friend went to the bathroom and I asked her if she would mind if we ****** her, she said no way in a way that I could tell that she didn't mean no she was just shy too. I said come on please and she didn't say no that time I told her when Mike came back out to sit between us on the couch, She went in the room and I thought it was over. Mike came out and sat down I asked him if he wanted to **** her, He was like What your kidding right. I said no way But let me go talk to her. In my head I was thinking that she went to bed, and I was going to have to talk her into it, then she came out of the room and sat between us my heart was racing like crazy, I put my hand on her leg and was rubbing it closer to her ***** and Mike was just sitting there. I took Mikes hand and put it on her leg and he slowly started rubbing her leg she sat back and opened her legs and we both worked our way up and both started rubbing her soft ***** it was so wet she closed her eyes and I started lifting her shirt and kissing her **** and Mike sucked her *** and I sucked the other and we both continued to rub her *****. She got up and knelt on the floor in front of us and started rubbing both our dicks and we unzipped our pants she started sucking his **** and then mine. I was about to explode with excitement. I sat back down and she got on the couch on her knees and mike got behind her and put his **** in her Her ****** her like crazy and we switched a couple times taking turns ******* her I've never seen her enjoying sex so much mike was on the floor and she climbed on top of him and was ******* him like crazy I was standing up and she was sucking my ****. Me and mike were about the same size about 7" I got behind her while she was on top of him and I pushed her to lye down on him and I stuffed my **** in her ***** too she screamed in pleasure as we both ****** her ***** at the same time for about 4 mins or so and by then she screamed I'm ******* and I was about to *** to I pulled out and she got up and layed down on the floor and me and Mike were jacking off over her face she sat up a little and I blew a huge load in her mouth and just about I was finished Mike started ******* too Her mouth was completely full of *** and she swallowed it all I was so turned on And thought we were done she said lets goto the room. So We went in and got on the bed I was drained and needed a break so I just sat there and watched and she started sucking mikes **** again and after a few mins I was ready again Me and mike took turns ******* her and every time we had to *** she drank it all I must has came 4 times and I know Mike came atleast 4 also. She must have drank a cup and a half of ***. Ever since then Mike loved to come visit us.

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A hard friend is good to find, treasure him and her. Lucky man, please add me.

I want to be your friend and enjoy what Mike did.That is a very hot story. Please add me. Thanks.

What a great story and such a fine wife you have

More stories please

No regrets at all, over a couple years we ****** her many times I'll share those storys later.

What a great friend you are. How did she feel in the morning? She must of loved it, but she was wasted. Any regrets?