Our First Mmf

Well let's say that my wife is 29 about 5'5 120 lbs soaking wet blonde hair and a *** omg a *** that drives a black man crazy. She is the sexiest thing I have laid my eyes on and I feel honored to be her husband. We had flirted with bringing another guy into our bedroom for a bit and believe me it took alot to come to this but when she isn't or should I say when she doesn't have to be mommy she is the wildest craziest sexiest girl one could meet. Well we were baby free one weekend and we invited a friend of ours to go out with us mind you it was a guy a close friend to us both. We showed up to the club it was a little slow at first the tention was a little tight cuz I dropped the ball to C what was going on. Well after a few shots and the crowd piled in my wife looked at me mind you in this sexy low cut short dress with cowboy boots looking as hot as ever and smiled at me and started to rub that beautiful *** on C. Well as the night went on and watching her completely release herself and enjoy herself I will never forget. Well C rode with us so we got in my truck after the bar closed and headed for the house I reached over and put his hand on the inside of her thigh he tried to move it and she pulled it back probably one of the sexiest thing I have ever seen her do. When we got home we drank a couple of drinks and all of a sudden my beautiful wife disappeared so I went to check on her. When I walked in much to my suprise she was laying on the bed in her panties and bra. So I went to the dressor and got a tie and tied it around her eyes.....people this is one of the most amazing points of my life..... I called C into the room and he kissed her inner thigh and made her feel special then removed her thong and burried his face into her. She grabbed my **** and started sucking it and before I knew it was moaning like never before. My wife people is one of those that loves me I mean loves me to no end and is my best friend forever and to see her just release and just open up is a monumental moment.....It was so flipping hot....C then crawled up and positioned himself between her legs and entered my beautiful wife it was so hot seeing his big body handling my small petite wife she wrapped her legs around him and grabbed his ***. He ****** her for a while and I whispered in her ear....tell him tell him what you want. Then she grabbed him and told him.....*** IN ME I want you to *** IN ME and C did as she asked he let his seed go in my beautiful wife and then I experienced something I never had.....after he finished I got between her legs and slipped my **** in it was awesome a feeling like never before.....so hot smooth and silky it didn't take me long to *** in her...... it was a night to remember hopefully it wont be to long before it happens again
astros2008 astros2008
31-35, M
Jan 21, 2013