Sharing My Wife With Black Men

Many men have fantasies about sharing their wives with a black man but find that there wives don't want to be with a black man. In my first marriage my first wife and I were swingers and I often shared her with black men. I enjoyed watching her very much. That marriage ended after 27 years and my current wife was very much opposed to being shared with a black man. Recently, however, I succeeded in sharing her with a black man. Actually two black men. She likes to visit Reno. Before our recent visit I had contacted a 55 year old black man who lives in Reno. Because my wife was beautiful he was very interested in having a ********* with she and I. However, because of her reluctance I had difficulty arranging this. I told him that I would like to slip him into our room while my wife was taking a shower. This usually took her half an hour or so. He asked if he could bring a friend. Before agreeing to meet him I asked that he go to a medical clinic and bring me a medical certificate saying he was free of STD's. I asked if his friend also had a medical certificate and he said yes. The evening arrived and my wife headed to the shower. I brought the two men into our room and they ******** naked. They both had huge erections. I had explained that my wife was small and that they would have to go slow with her. When she came out after her bath she was wrapped in a towel. As soon as she saw us she knew what was going to happen. The first guy removed her towel and gave her a deep French kiss. Next he spread her out on the bed and lightly chewed on her nipples. They got hard instantly. He kissed her stomach and her ****. Without much delay he put his penis in her. She was tight and so he could only get the head of it in. He began giving her short strokes and she began to moan. He gave her short strokes for awhile and she began to loosen up. His strokes got longer and longer and finally he was all the way in and was giving her long strokes. After some vigorous strokes he came and pulled out. The second guy was ready and he was able to get it all the way immediately. By the end of the evening she was fully satisfied. The same two men came to our room the next two nights. I now expect that my wife will be willing to help me with this fantasy.
By: Me
Age: 70+,
Jimmurph Jimmurph
70+, M
Oct 23, 2012