Saturday Morning

I invited my friend to come over early Saturday. I got up to make coffee and I let him in. He slipped into bed with my wife and spooned her. He started to rub her and get her hot. She reached back and started to stroke his unit. I know she knew the difference because he is sooo much bigger than my 8inches. She inserted him from behind and they fu-k-ed for 30 minutes. She then turned over and tried to act surprised that it wasn't me but I told her not to even try that act. He is 3 inches longer and at least twice as thick( if not more).She said" ther is no reason to waste the opportunity and continued to su-k and fu-k him for another 30 minutes. She told him that if he helped me paint the fence he could have her again. Fence got painted and his giant salami plugged her  -ss like she's never had it before.I had fun too. 

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Feb 24, 2010