First Time I Shared My Wife

Two years ago, Jessica showed up at my fantasy football leagues, end of the season party around midnight, to pick me up and take me home.   The party has really turned into an annual event, so when Jessica showed up at midnight the party was in full force.  She was not in a rush to get home, and was happy to see everyone, just as they were thrilled to see her.  All the guys obviously were pushing alcohol on her, she's not a big drinker, but she had a few social beers.

Well...I'm not actually sure how it got started, but, I recall, Jessica sitting in a chair and my buddy Roger was giving her a table dance/lap dance, totally harmless fun, everyone was circled around them, laughing and encouraging them.  I was cracking up myself, and really enjoying the moment, Jessica, was being a good sport, but seemed a little embarrased and was acting shy, so I was encouraging her to stay seated and let Roger continue, we were ALL A LOT more intoxicated than Jessica was.   I recall, standing behind her,  as she sat in the chair, infront of 10-15 of my drunken friends, with Roger doing his best impression of a male ********, and he is a goofy bastard, so it was really I was standing behind her I reached over her shoulders from behind her and grabbed and shook her breasts a little...she seemed embarrassed and covered her face with her hands, but I remember thinking to myself, damn, she didn't do anything to get me to things escalated a little, I grabbed them again, and again, she didn't do anything other than act I grabbed Rogers hand, as he was drunkenly, dancing around and put it on her *****...they both laughed and he obviously didn't keep it there much more than a few seconds, but that went on a couple more times, over the next minute or so, i would grab Rogers hand and place it on Jessica's *****'s, everyone laughing and partying, and she wouldn't resist.  I actually started thinking, I better do something to stop this before, something happened, INFRONT OF EVERYONE, and we would regret it, but this got me thinking...the party broke up, and like every other year, Roger was staying with me, he lives about 45 miles from the party spot, and obviously could not drive.  Jessica, the designated driver, drove us home.

Roger and I continued to drink a couple more beers when we got home, and Jessica went to bed.  We really didn't discuss anthing about Jessica, or even make any plans, to do anything to her.  We lived in a two bedroom apartment, each bedroom is connected to the living room.  Roger always slept on the couch when he crashed and I was gathering a pillow and blanked for him, when I carefully and slowly opened my bedroom door to retrieve his pillow and blanket I saw Jessica sleeping in bed.  She was wearing thong panties and a T-shirt, her back was turned to me, she was facing the wall, the t-shirt was not covering her *** completely, her sexy little cheeks were visible, and with the door cracked the light was soft, I clearly remember, stopping momentarily and just enjoying the hot scene.   So...I get Roger his stuff, and when I give it to him in the living room, I tell him, "dude, I am going to leave our door open, I'm gonna **** the **** out of her and I want you to watch"  he was like, YEA!!!! we have been friends over 20 years and have done A LOT of **** like that, he is the guy, out of all my friends, that I can do crazy **** with, and it is between us, REALLY.     

I slowly opened the door again, and there she was laying just as she was moments earlier, on the bed, with her long legs, and a little of her *** exposed, in those little thong panties and t-shirt, about to get ****** by her husband, in the middle of the night,  while his drunk buddy watches from 10 feet away, without her knowledge.      

I crawled into bed, over her, with my back to the other wall, we were facing each other and her back was still to the door.  I was late, around 4:00am, I was drunk, she was tired, this may be a little challenge.  I was going to go slow, turn her on, and get her to actually want ******, instead, of letting me **** her.  so...i slowly and softly began running my fingers over her legs, arms and shoulders...I know you know, the technique I am referring  After a couple of minutes, I realized Roger, was not standing in the door, I immediately thought, "that drunk bastard, passed out on me"  at this point, I want this BAD!  next...thing I know I'm snapping my fingers, loud...snap, pause, snap, nothing, snap snap snap, and I see him at the door, Jessica is now in a "slumber" but she doesn't know what's going on.   At this point, I begin to kiss her on the cheek and forhead a little, giving her a signal, I want some, she's unresponsive, which tells me, game on! I get to bang her, she's gonna let me do her in her slumber, uncontested.  As quickly as I come to this conclusion, I realize Roger is standing next to the bed, a foot away from Jessica, I'm thinking, HOLY ****! as I am in a bit of shock, Roger reaches out with his hand and runs his finers, softly and slowly down the back of her that exact moment, I truly think Jessica realized what was going on, my attemp to seduce her, my snapping fingers, my holy **** moment, seeing Roger standing next to the bed, when I intended for him to stand in the doorway....her reaction, was a soft, little moan, we continue to softly rub and caress her, her back is still facing Roger, but she knows she has 4 hands on her, we rub on her as long, as we can, after about 45 seconds, I nudge her to roll onto her back, and she goes with it, almost simultaneouly, as she rolls to her back, her legs spread, wide...and Roger, buries his face into her crotch, pulling her panties to the side, she reaches down, grabs his head and grinds her hips into his face, within 20 seconds, she erupts, I was so...blown away! WOW, we are ******* my wife, she is all for it, and she just came in his mouth within 20 seconds!!!!!! I instructed Roger at that point, **** her and **** her good, I took my **** out and stuck it into her mouth, Roger took his **** out and couldn't get it hard enough to **** her, so we switched places, I ****** her HARD, watching her fluff his **** hard so he could **** her after I did.   I shot my load on her stomach, and watched him shoot his right there on her belly with my load.

Roger left the room, slept on the couch, he was gone when we woke up in the morning, I think I ****** her 3 times that day, each time we would talk thru the experience,  and she would *** on que thinking of Roger eating her.  very hot!                        



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4 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Ah! Good times !

Glad Roger finally got his **** hard enough to **** your wife. You'll have to write about the two times he did **** her.

Very hot story, that what friends are for!!!

he left early in the morning, she seemed pretty up-set, remorseful later the next day, BUT, he did her 2 more times over the next year, it's been quite a while now, but, I am working on her. I think she's actually going to let me do one of her friends next, (believe it when I see it)