The First Time

For many years now I had imagined my wife having sex with other men. Every time I *********** it was always about her with someone else. Not always anyone in particular, sometimes strangers even, but every new scenario that played out in real life fuelled my fantasy.

My wife is a very attractive woman and was always very sexual when we first met and had many past lovers. It was one night whilst lying in bed when I asked her about her past that we began a journey that led to my fantasy coming true. I simply asked my wife had she ever touched the **** of a man she wasn’t actually dating? In my fantasies she was playful with other men and often jerked them off or gave them oral sex but didn’t date them or even have sex. It was a turn on for me to think that my wife would touch another man just for fun. She told me that she did and as she told me about her and a co-worker when she was a teenager having fun in the stock room of the shop where they worked I became really really aroused. I began to quiz her about other past lovers and her telling me ‘a story’ became the trigger for our sexual fun. She did get a little wound up talking about some of the men from her past at times as she would rather forget and so I encouraged her to replace them with people she knew now. She didn’t really like that idea either and so what developed from that was her saying, ‘you tell a story, you are better at it than me.’ That allowed me to explore my own private fantasies with my wife. I would lie beside her and whisper in her ear about how a man wanted her and would follow her to the bedroom and slowly **** her. She almost always orgasmed with me fingering her and telling her she was having sex with another man. We became more open and I told her my fantasy but she said she would NEVER EVER do anything like that. She said she felt good that she had never strayed and wanted it to remain like that.

But as time wore on she began to really enjoy the fantasy and the stories and I started to introduce real people, friends and her friend’s husbands. Sometimes she liked it and sometimes she didn’t but then one night she was out with work and came back to tell me about a young man who was flirting with her. He used to work in the same shop as her but had since left. He flirted with her and told her he wanted to get a room and take her to it. She came home horny and we had sex and I made her call me by his name during it. That really turned her on and we started to talk more about him until one night I made her cry out his name as I ****** her hard. Afterwards I asked her if she had thought about him since we had been using him in our bed and she said yes. I made her tell me what she thought about as I went down on her. I was licking her throbbing ***** and listening to her tell me how she imagined sucking his **** and that was it, she was hooked.

It took me to find the right guy and one she fancied. He is 11 years younger than her but a good-looking young man. So then came her next staff night out and there was talk that he might turn up. We talked about what would happen if he did and she joked that if he asked her to get a room she would. I explored this further and probed her all week, in bed and out of bed, until eventually she re-signed herself to actually wanting him. She started to imagine it and I made her tell me everything while I ****** her. She said she wanted him to **** her doggy style.
Then the night came and she got a spray tan and waxed down below. She did her nails and went and got her hair done. She looked a million dollars and I wanted her to be perfect for him. She even wore the sexiest black and red lace underwear set I bought her, which is my favourite. She went out wanting him to see her in it. I told her that if he got a room she should go to the bathroom and come out wearing only her underwear. She smiled. Everything was going well and that day he called into her work. She flirted slightly but not too obviously and then after work she headed out. I waited for ages on a text but couldn’t hold on any more so I downed a bottle of wine and fell asleep on the sofa. At 1am I awoke and checked my phone, nothing. I sent her a text at 1am saying ‘how’s it going?’ She replied, ‘****.’ I sent, ‘Why?’ ‘He never showed up’ she said and then told me she was back at her friend’s house where they were staying the night. I was disappointed for myself and for my wife but also for the young man who had no idea what was on offer or how important it had become in our lives. I figured I would give her an idea and sent her the following text, ‘If you have his phone number why not text him and say you wish he would have been there and see what happens.’ I kinda figured that maybe a few booze-fulled texts could turn this into something but I didn’t know that previously in the night she had been texting him. Anyway I went to bed thinking nothing was happening and woke the next day to a text saying, ‘OMG sore head, was 8am when I got to bed!!!’ Still it didn’t register with me until she phoned me about half an hour after when she left her friends house and got into the car. I could hear something in her voice. She said, ‘it happened?’ I asked what and she said, ‘everything?’ My heart fluttered and my mouth dried up. ‘What do you mean?’ She told me she sent him a text like I suggested and he came to her friend’s house. I was in shock but needed to know more. ‘Where you kissing him and stuff?’ ‘Oh yes’ she said and I asked, ‘what else?’ ‘Everything’ she said again with a smirk. My heart was racing. My whole body shook. She ended the call abruptly and told me she would tell me everything when she got home. Read my other stories if you want to find out what she did and how it affected me the following day.
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Very good start to getting your wife set as a Hotwife. bravo!
Did you feel the 'rush'? Your wife being out without you and having sex with another guy? were you hard the whole night thinking about them?

wow very hot

Going to read the other stories now!

i could only imagine the anticipation and anxiety you where feeling....****!!!!!!

I want **** your wife you will enjoye realy