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My second wife and I made a promise before we married that we never be unfaithful. We had both been hurt in previous a marriage by our spouses infidelity. We did however, say we would try anything legal once that didn't involve physical pain. She asked me what was my number one fantasy, as if she needed telling. A ********* with another women or man. She wasn't keen on the idea of another woman but she could consider another man. First she suggested some old flames of hers who I hadn't met. For me that was out of the question; jealously would have finished me off.
Nothing happened for a few months until I had to travel to Europe on another business trip. I had arranged that we should extend the trip so we could go together and stay in Amsterdam. After some sight seeing, dinners out, my wife dared me have sex with one of the working girls. I agreed as long as she watched me. It felt very strange looking through the windows choosing someone. It looked like I was lose the dare. Thinking that I could turn the dare on her later got me through and we chose a young woman. The young woman was took control, asking my wife to sit away from us and stay put. I went through all the correct motions, but deep down I wasn't at ease. My wife however, was loving the show, softly encouraging me. What was missing for me was my wife joining in.
Some months later I invited my best friend to stay the weekend. Although he lived 400 miles away and we didn't together very often we were close friends. I knew his marriage wasn't great after his wife had been unfaithful. The week before he came, I put the dare back on my wife. She said she would see how she felt after they met.
My wife was dressed ready to impress just in case. We had dinner together and and a few drinks. My wife started telling him about our trip to Amsterdam, so I knew she was accepting the dare. She went upstairs for a bath. Whist she was away I explained the story our my fantasy. Firstly he looked stunned, he asked if we had thought this through and considered the emotional impact on us after he had gone home. How pollite, to say those things all the time whist I could see he couldn't wait to get started. He said he would need a shower or bath before we let anyone near him. Before I could say anything, he shot upstairs into bathroom, with my wife still in the bath and asked her to leave the water in. In seconds my wife came down in her dressing gown clutching her clothes looking shocked. She asked sternly "what did you say to him". She quickly calmed down when I told her. She went to our bedroom and put on her underwear under her dressing gown and came back the living room where the open fire and soft lighting made her look even more fantastic.
My friend came back down dressed but still wet. My wife met at the door, embraced him and they kissed. She quickly led him to the settee knelt in front of him and removed her dressing gown then his jeans. It seemed he had lost his underpants in the bathroom. Within a blink of an eye my wife was sucking him and he was loving it. I moved round to get the best view and what a site, I could hardly believe it was happening. I quickly undressed, gently removed my wife panties and entered her while get the sucking going.
My wife then lay down on the floor by the fire, my friend need no invitation, opening her legs wide he started to lick her. She signaled to me to get down so she could suck me. What a feeling, what a site. My wife soon had the most intense ****** ever, what was he doing down there.
The fire was burning low and it was getting late, my wife had an early morning appointment so she suggested we go to bed. We men, misunderstood what she meant, we thought she was retiring. When I got to bed, she asked "where is he, I not done with him yet". I called for him to join us again. He climbed into our bed next to my wife, soon she was on top of him with that passionate expression she only gets when she's on top. Soon she had a rhythm going with riding my friend whilst sucking me. My real fantasy was still to play, the one I hadn't told her.
I pulled her on top of me in a 69 so I could lick her whilst my friend
got behind her. My fantasy, was complete, 69 with my wife whilst another man is inside her.
When we had all exploded for the final time that night. My wife said good night to my friend and asked are we OK for tomorrow night, adding "you two discuss what you would like to do to me".
I don't know where the energy came from but this fifty year old made love to his wife again before collapsing.
The next night didn't happen as planned, it just didn't seem right.
Next time my friend came up, my wife said once was enough.
The memory of the that night is firmly lodged and comes into my head almost every day and certainly every we make love. That was 10 years ago.
Would I do it again? No. I know its not what she really wants.