My Wife Did A Bachelor's Party For My Freinds

I had been with Sheree for 3 years when I heard from freinds from college that another freind was getting married and we were having a bachelor's party for him. I said i would be there and I would help plan the party. Her teenage kids were going to be with there father that weekend so Sheree and I headed to Columbus for the party. She had never met any of these freinds before. I told the guys I had arranged a ******** and we were having it at one of the guys houses that was large and had privacy. I talked to an old freind and got Sheree a pizza delivery uniform and rooftop light and a little rental car to drive to deliver the pizza.  She was to hang out at the pizza place waiting my special order. I went to the party and was one of the first to arrive and by the time everyone was there, there were ten of us altogether and we were watching some **** DVD's and drinking and "waiting" for the ******** I had hired. After an hour or two I said I was gonna order the pizzas while we waited. I called and order eight pies and gave them the address and told the guys it would be 45 minutes. They groaned and I said I got something for you to watch and popped in a DVD Sheree had made that was a close up og her fingering herself and using all sorts of fruits and produce as ****** in her wet slit. The guys loved it and we were all clustered around the TV when the doorbell rag. One of the guys yelled "Dancer is here " and another looked out and saw the car and said, "no, just the pizza"  and opened the door to the delivery girl standing there in her Dominoes hat and shirt and carrying a stack of Pizzas. I told Sheree to set the Pizzas down and asked her how much. She told me the cost  and I noticed she was wearing a push up bra and a name tag that actually said "Bambi" I was counting out the money for her and admiring how perky her breasts were when she looked around and saw the TV with a close up of her sliding a Zuchinni into her wet slash on the DVD. "Oh, my God!" she said and one of the guys paused it...right at the deepest penetration. "Sorry, Bachelor party" I said. "I thought you were supposed to have stippers and hookers at these things" she replied to which the guys booed me as I said that I had hired one but she had been a no show. "Bambi" asked how much I was paying the girl that no showed and I said $800. She said she'd do it for that amount and the guys started whooping and cheering. I looked at the guys and asked if they wanted her as the entertainment. They all agreed. Sheree blushed and smiled as someone said "TAKE IT OFF!" "put some music on" said Bambi as she picked up her phone and called her boss and told him she was going to be late getting back due to car trouble. She then moved to the center of the room as the music came on and started dancing around and took off her hat, pony tail. let her hair loose, then pulled off her pants and danced around and teased a few of the guys. Then she took off her Dominoes shirt and showed the lace push up bra she was wearing. It matched the panties. She danced a bit and reached up behind her bck and unhooked her bra and slowly let it fall from her lovely breasts. Her nipples were rock hard! She peeled off her lace panties to show her bush that had been trimmed to the shape of a heart. They guys applauded! She looked at me and asked who the groom was. I pointed him out and she danced over and knelt before him and pulled his zipper down and released an erection that pointed right at her face. She bent down and kissed it and took it in her mouth and slid down to the hilt as he moaned in pleasure.  I walked behind her and slid a finger right into her soaking wet slit as she trusr her hips back. I smiled as another guy stood and dropped his pants and moved in behind Sheree and slid is **** all the way in on the first stroke as she pushed back on to him. The groom nuttted fast and was replaced in my wifes mouth by another one of the guys. SAme happed behind her as he came and withdrew and someone else entered my wife to enjoy her ****. after this pair she said "let me get on top" and had one lie down and she mounted him as he played with her breasts and she took another c*ck in her mouth.  I could not wait to get a peice of this sl*t and came up behind her with an erection and reached down and got some juice from her money pot and wet her anus to slide my **** in her. It was tight but it felt fantastic to be in this **** as I could feel the **** in her front as we both rode her. I felt the other guy nut and that set me off and I came in Sheree's butt. I pulled out and was replaced by some one else. I watched as she was mounted and used buy 4 more erections before I decided I wanted to go in her front and feel some one in her a** and see an erection in her mouth.  I ****** her deep and hard as I bumped the other shaft in her A** until I came and pulled out and watche "Bambi" screw more of my freinds until every one had been in her vagina and at least her a** or mouth.  It was after 1AM when she got dressed and I paid "Bambi" her the $800 and she got in her Dominos car and drove off. Several of the guys said that was a lot better than a real ******** or hooker. One guy asked if we saw the wedding ring, I said I was to busy looking at her breasts, several agreed that for a 30 something she had great pair and we all agreed she knew how to **** like a pro but she was not a pro. Several said they bet she didn't do her husband the way she did us. I had a few more drinks and left as I told them I had to get to the hotel and get some rest. I got back the the hotel and Sheree told me that She had actually dilivered real pizzas for an hour or two while she waited on my order and the Manager, my freind, had been flirting with her the whole time. She said when she went back after the party to return the pizza gear my friend said since he didn't get to see the show could he have a blow. I had told him she was the ******** for the party but not that she was my wife. She sucked him long and hard until he nutted.  I was so turned on I ****** her 'til dawn. Some day I have to introduce my wife to these guys!

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That is so awesome. I would love to live out something lile that. But, I would have ****** the pizza manager instead of sucking him.

I'm loving that enthusiasm, DostaGirl ;-)

Well, I do love to **** and suck ****.

Beaverman- if they ever meet her, I will offer her up to them again.....and share her.

You are one lucky guy to get to see your wife as a str*pper and acting like a H**KER, plus you got to share her with your freinds with no guilt! Lucky!

It was a hot exerience to see her as a ******** and to **** her as a ********. No, she kept all the $$$ for herself