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what age were you when you shared the bath with ur brother and how old was he ?

did you wash each other ? and where ?
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When i was about 7, our hot water was out for around 3 weeks so we went around to my sisters friends house, she had two older sisters and we all used to have a big spa bath together the oldest sister their had just gone through puberty and had just got big boobs it was a great time for me 1 boy, 4 girls

I have 3 brothers; one is 2 years older, two are 4 and 2 years younger. I stopped bathing / showering with my older brother when I was 13, he was 15. I continued bathing / showering with the next brother until he was 13, myself 15. I never stopped bathing / showering with my youngest brother but it rarely happens now that I have moved out.

I used to shower with my boy cousins until I was 6 or 7, and my sister (who is 11) and I still shower together sometimes if we are in a hurry or something

My sister is a year older than me, my mom bathed us together from toddlers till we were 6/7, we showered and bathed together untill we were 12/13, we shared the bathroom through our teen years. Nudity was never an issue as we saw each other and other family members almost daily.

My last bath with my brother I was almost 13 and he was 7. He pinched my nipple while mom was giving us a bath. My parents decided it was time for me to get a bath by myself.

hope to chat with you soon it's been awhile

stopped at age 4 or 5 but i remember once my brother 3 years older than me wanted to play "doctor" and let me stroke his... well you know >.<, i was like 9 or 10 and didn't had a clue of what i was doing

ever do anything else with him after that?

aww how sweet but i was wondering if any older girls still did this as well