Swinging Along

As Charlie was moving on, my wife and I decided we would try swinging for some fun. She was very interested in an MMF situation where she could  have two of us and so I set out to find someone.  That's when I made contact with Marty.  He was an ex-cop, ex-alcoholic but was an active swinger looking for interested couples. We met and had coffee and then ended at a motel to experiment.  My wife was really turned on and liked the idea of the motel because it was naughty.  We'd already gotten stoned (Marty never did) and were ready for fun. He turned out to be a really good sex partner and, like me, thought of my wife first and so we got on each side of her and just molested the hell out of her, touching her, probing her, feeling her all over, kissing her all over and licking her all over and so forth.  She couldn't get enough of us and was really primed up.  Marty and I took turns ******* her ***** and her mouth and holding back on *******  as long as we could.  One thing I'll always remember, she straddling my face so I could lick her **** and hole and looking straight up to see her sucking on Marty's **** while he stood above me.  I had her ******* in my hands and would tweak her nipples with my fingers while she mouthed him.  I loved seeing her tongue licking the base of his **** while she had as much of his **** in her mouth as she could fit.  That scene just drove me wild.  She liked Marty too because he made her feel good like I did but she reserved the ***** licking for me.  No one could make her *** with a tongue like I did.  She liked when Marty and I ****** her ***** and *** at  the same time too.  We even DP'd her ***** at the same time (she said it was almost like having Charlie [mentioned elsewhere] drilling her). This was the beginning of our swinging period which lasted for some years.

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Thanks for the share. Marty is a great example of what can happen when a person gets off the sauce. I am sure he likes ******* guy's wives a lot more that sitting on a bar stool , dreaming about it.

He certainly does (like *******)!!

We are just adding this dimension to our relationship and are looking forward to many fond memories.Thanks for sharing.

My **** is hard just thinking about it!

Two ***** one hole got my ***** drippen ...mmm...

She's had "loads" of fun with two ***** and three and four and more...then my tongue too....Would love to taste that drippen...mmmm....

Sounds like Marty was a good choice. Thinking of a woman's enjoyment leads to greater enjoyment by the man. A principle by which to live! I loved your story!! Thanks!<br />
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Looking forward to more stories of your swinging experiences

Your right your wife and mind should be sisters the way they submit to our wants and needs. Everything you have discribed seems to be in line with what I like myself. Thanks for sharing.