I Like My Wife Being Seen

It all started when my wife and I got married in 68. She wore the shortest mini skirts and the sexiest panties and at first I caught myself being jealous knowing that other men were seeing what they were seeing but then it suddenly became a turn on. She didn't purposely tease but with those skirts it was ompossible not to. I got to where i would watch guys for their reactions and i loved it. over the years i couldn't tell you how many men got ******* shots of her panties and since they were almost always lace or sheer they saw more. then i got her to pose for pics which i ended up showing to people. i developed the desire to see her have sex with someone and now at 60 she is turned on by the idea too although she hasn't acted out on it yet but i keep hoping. there are many stories of her being seen in different ways but i still want to see her with another man inside her.
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Great story. That initial realization that other men are enjoying your wife is such a rush, knowing they want to, or possibly are, taking things further and your wife loves what they do to her...

It's the most exciting experience. Even if she does it and she tells you about it - it is so exciting

Very hot! :-) dc

My wife is 63 and we have just started off on this lifestyle. We went to a fantasy club which is very selective. The club caters for all types of fantasy from voyuer, exhibitionist, private, dark room, and alot more. Anyway, second visit we hooked up with another guy (which some big equipment). I cannot explain what an incredible experience this was. Just make very sure that you and your wife discuss every scenario before you embark on this fantasy. With us we are very secure in our own sexuality and relationship so we both really had fun. Of course safe sex is a must (unfortunately as it would be so much better without a condom), you cannot take any chances. But to watch another man pumping his seed into her was mind blowing. This has changed our complete outlook on life and how we percieve other people. You will be surprised who goes to such a club. Sometimes the quietest little mousy girl can turn into an animal in bed. Go for it, try it out, but be careful. Your relationship comes first and no means no. The best is the rule our club has where the women are in charge and no man may just approach uninvited. In this way the women can select someone they feel comfortable with and you don't get pestered by single guys. This is a couples club but they do allow a few select singles in. Good luck and enjoy