My Wife Bf

we r married about 4 year. n my wife has perfect body. big boob, rounded ***. i love my wife very much. i want to see her when she **** other men very much. but she dont accept yet. she dont want to speak about this subject. (she said it but i dont know ,is she really want or just shying) (if there s a person who can help me, pls help me.) one day after we drink some wine we start to talk about our friend before we married. actually she dont want again but i forced her very much to talk about her sex experience. i know her ***** didnt ****** before me cus she was virgin. n she start to tell their experience. three man saw her fully naked (i start to get exited from there) she sleep naked all nigth with 2 of them. all of them *** on her body. once **** her *** but not fully just put his **** head half n *** on her ***. the other was *** when my wife at top n brush his **** with her *****. the last one *** on her ****. my wife suck her **** first at about a minutes then start to ******* and fineshed him with *** ****.

a lot of men kiss n grope my wife' *****, pantiless ***, n braless boobs. but she dont tell me the number. n alot of men see her boobs, *** but not fully naked. for example one of her bf want her to flash her *** when she wear short skirt n g-string n she flashed him n let him touch them. n she let the other put his hand into her t shirt n rub her **** when she kiss her... n the list go on...

these r my wife experience before me. but i just know what she told me. may be the first one penetrate  my wife *** fully. maybe the third one blow her mouth. n she just shying to explain. n i thing she ****** more then one with them.

i try to learn everyday. n one day i will.
n one day i m going to see her when three men **** her. one **** her ***, one *****, last one mouth...
Euphrates Euphrates
26-30, M
Jun 20, 2010