I have lately asked my wife while i was on a trip abroad to send me a story of how she would f*** some other guy while i was out of town and send me hot pics of the encounter (using unfortunatly a d**** instead of the real thing).

Needless to say that she obliged with an amazing story of her f****** a old college married friend who she always wanted to f***....topping it off with some pics of her shoving her large long d**** (well angled pics) and putting a large amount of *** looking cream all over her *****, chest and face....

Needless to say i shot so many loads reading and seeing the pics my c*** turned red...
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4 Responses Aug 18, 2014

That must have been so hot to see the photos she took creating the fantasy! Has she shown any interest in making the fantasy a reality? If not with that guy, someone else?

I'm curious... has his name come up again since then?

Not really no... She does not get into names but just the idea...

sounds nice ! thanks !

That's hot...what a great wife to treat you to such role playing. It looks that with some persuasion you can get her to experience a mfm *********.

One would wish :)