Hard Wood Floors

I started shaving several years ago, and I have to say, it is so much nicer to have smooth skin and no hair, it is even better when the man is shaved down there as well, and so when I go down on him, giving him a blow job, I wouldn't have hair in my teeth, and the same reason it is a nice to be shaved for my man (when I get one), so when he goes down on me, licking my **** and sucking on my ***** and maybe my ***, that he wouldn't have to stop to pull out hair from his teeth. I will never let my hair grow back again...Shaved ***** is the best!!! Now Men Shave YOUR **** and balls for us women. Please!!!
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I wax my back, crack and sack. Its just cleaner, doesn't pull when I run, and I like the look. Feel free to check out my pics for a sample if you like smoothies.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm lovely!!!

glad you approve!

Waxing makes it feel SOOOOO much smoother. We used to shave but the grow back was too prickly. Waxing also lasts longer.

I have never waxed, I heard it is painful down there.

It does a little the first time and get better. However the end result is AMAZING.

I might have to drink something first...like RUM!!! giggles.

I do shave .

I am glad, it is wonderful in every way.

Definitely agree, nothing better than going down on a woman without hair all up my nose and in my teeth. Love the feeling of a bald *****, can't keep my hands off of 'em. Wife keeps hers smooth and I'm always copping a feel. 8) I shave too, but occasionally leave a bit of closely cropped hair but not on **** or balls. As nudists, I think it's sexier too, because you can't get more naked than that. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome...I am glad more and more people think as I do.

I do darling, Read my story.

I will

It certainly is !! I would love to eat your shaved ***** until you ***.

Thank you jp56, I have a wonderful boyfriend that takes care of me now...OH my GOD!!! I love it!!!

Shaven, or always closely shorn. lol. Great thoughts.

Thank you TW8NY

We fully agree and are a completely smooth couple. Don't worry, we see that being smooth is rapidly becoming standard among sexually active men, among swingers and nudists it is already.

It is a wonderful experience to feel skin, and to NOT have to floss when going down on each other...giggles.

I currently shave my balls and trim around side of pubic area. Don't need to too make **** look bigger i do it for the, oral and the feel.
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Love looking at a shaved ***** and knowing what i get to eat. Yum!

From the woman's point of view, I thank you for shaving.

Ive been shaving for a year now. I too love it. I feel cleaner and sexier. Add me and have a look.

Thank you

Done because you asked consider it done!


My man shaves...... yum!!!!!


oh baby, If I went down on you I'd definitely lick your *** for you. I would be hoping you'd do the same for me too.

mmmmmmmmmmmm yes

You're the kind of woman I like to have sex with. Not afraid of giving or receiving oral anywhere on the body.

pleased to announce that i feel the same as you. don't care much for flossing my teeth while eating at the "Y".
i also keep my boys shaved and looking spiffy. they are part of a matching set, my head and face are smooth as a baby's heinie.
i have read and enjoyed your stories. i like a woman who knows what she likes. plz ADD me to your circle.

I am glad you like it.

I would love for my wife to be clean shaven, but she has never gotten the notion. Then again, I've never had the courage to ask her about it.

I am glad you like it. It can't hurt to ask...

Can't. She'd think I'd lost my mind. Besides, I'm not comfortable talking about things like that.

Already done. At least twice as week. : )

We both do that too. I like to shave him and he likes to shave me. We are really getting in the mood doing this.

Never thought of it like that... (hardwood floors) But I like it!! Add me Great story

I am glad you like it. If you sent me a friends request and you are over the age of 25, I will add you.

Your welcome and I do shave my girlfriend.. Its sort of a game we do together.

Read my story,""I love to shave my girlfriend""

cool, good for you.

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Done. Now what?

my best experience was when I was shaving her andshe was having me before sex! fresh!

How sweet...and kind to do that for each other.

kind and intense passion! hope we can experience it together!

I do and ................My Husband does..............and it is perfect for both :)

It is wonderful.

We both do that already a couple of years. I hated these hairs between my teeth and it's clean too.

It is clean, nice, and comfortable.

and hygienic too

You wish is my command ;-)
And then please enjoy me........just as I will enjoy you!

Thank you pag63...I enjoy the feel of your skin.

Likewise blue62dragon.........especially that smooth *****......and I hope your *** is smooth too....as my tongue wants to explore ALL of you ;-)

If I missed a spot of hair down there, would you help me shave it off...Thank you so much.

Of course....it's part of the fun....gently teasing your skin and making sure you are totally smooth....as you inspect my parts.....

GOD that is so erotic...let me savor the moment as you gently glide your fingers over my body and that sends shivers up and down my spine...and I feel your body next to me...and I glide my fingers on you to feel your quiver from my touch.

Hmmmm it would be so sensual, erotic....and horny feeling each others hands on our skin.....knowing we are making each other smooth for hours of hot, sexy playtime.......getting my hard thinking about it!

smiles...I am glad I can excite you from my words. giggles.

Oh you do! Hope you can imagine who excited I am!

I agree with u and page. Its so erotic to shave my Laura(this is robbie),we get so horny while i shave her. I used to do her bald and lately ive been leaving a landing ***** and we posted pics. I love to eat her wet ***** either way and i shave myself bald too! Xxx

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i got lucky my body hair never grow in

You are definitely right. The first time I saw a shaved ***** I went ahaaa--so that is what I have been eating and *******. It looked so much nicer-from that moment on it is shaved or forget it. Hairy just appears to be so disgusting. Then I had a minor surgery and the shaved me down there-I loved it and have been that way for decades. Now that I am bi it is more important so --- Now Men Shave YOUR **** and balls for all of us !!!!!

AWESOME!!! I wont do another hairy man...giggles.

You are so right! Hairy isnt pretty or erotic,its exciting to groom my Laura! Then i cant resist sucking her **** for awhile ;-)