I Love To Shave My Girlfriend

When we first started dating, as most girls will, they want to look their best.
So.. she had the thing all planed out,  only I didn't know.  After a day at the pool we decided it was time to go back to the apartment and cool off. 
She says Honey,  why don't you get a couple of beers and meet me in the bathroom.   OK   I said.    2 minutes later I'm in there and she says,  "Untie my top , the damm string has a knot I can't undo. Bingo I untie the strap and her 36c  breasts fall out.   I "Hand Bra"  her from behind while looking in the mirror.  She says,  "You like that don't you!!"   I stuttered a little an said  "Yep".

After 10 minutes of fooling and playing, me sucking on those rosebud nipples,
 rolling them between my finger an thumb,  She says, " I got a surprize for you."  OK whats up I say?   " How would you like to shave my ****  for me?"
"Wow, would I" I said,  tounge wagging.   She says,  "Girls like that smooth look and it feels so silky on your panties"  
After a 15 minute shave  with me on my knees, her sitting on the sink, and my face 12inches away from her ****,  it was a good day!!
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good one..but I can not rate it ?

Shaving is erotic!! Does your Hubby/ Boyfriend shave you.?? Miss Hot


No?? I would!!

I love to that to my wife and she likes it too.

A couple of beers or glass of wine helps too. You gotta do it slow, no nicks or cuts. Let her hold a mirror so she can see too!

Maybe a man will do this for me someday. Sounds hot.

BTW... it's spelled "surprised" and "tongue."

Oops My fault Sorry.. Crowbar