Every Week..

At least useually once or twice, I'll shave mine.
partly its just so much cleaner, partly I prefer the feel of things happening at my *** whilst its really clean shaven, and also, for me at least, its a kind of almost humiliation, or preparation; My shaving there, to prepare myself for my man, or men... I guess a somewhat submissive thing to do...; I like to think of it, as my 'shaving my ****', when I do it, as an act every good sissy boy should be doing..
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Shaved my breasts, boy-**** and armpits today again... Was thinking about doing my legs, but its just so cold here at the moment... I'll probably get roudn to doing them tommorrow actually...

- Exactly! I normally shave my legs every day too, but its been so cold here recently, and I'm a bit under the weather, I've not done it in a few days. I love getting myself hairless all over (well just about), then using lots of nice smelling moisturiser; It makes my skin so soft, its just gorgeous to touch, or to be touched by someone else.. I'm not a huge fan of perfume, but if I do, I've a few woman's girly smelling ones which I just love to put on myself, even if, as you say, it is just for myself at home... Pampering myself like a girl is loverly... fluffy towels, nice smelling moisturiser, sexy matterial panties, matching bra, and being able to slide into a nice freshly made clean bed...

Exactly; If I have the time I shave it every day, just using the ladyshave electric shaver; to ensure its silky smooth for his **** to enjoy, then shave with the manual razor just when it needs it, or after I've missed a day shaving it; I always moisturise my boy0-****/***** after I've showered/shaved, as I do for my **** and the rest of my body, so my skin is as silky smooth, and as touchable as it can be, for other men's enjoyment.. Actually, I just showered, about a couple hours ago, and today I shaved my armpis, boy-*****, my chest, and trimmed my pubic area at the front, and then moisturised it all afterwards, though sadly I won't get to be with my man until Saturday... Which is just a long way off as far as I'm concerned..

being feminine we just like to feel soft and sexy even if we are alone. real girls have it soo nice they are never looked down on no matter what they wear. not so with feminine bois but it's just too bad I like myself that way and so does my bf

your right about that a sissy needs to keep her pussyready for her man