Balls: Better Shaved Than Not

In general balls are kinda strange, IMO. I mean, I love them! But sometimes they look a bit ooooogly with all the wrinkles, etc. That doesn't stop me from totally loving balls, mine and other's!

When I was a kid a was totally fascinated by my balls, and ****, but my balls somehow were even more interesting then. My balls used to hang much lower than they do now, proportionally, and I've always wished they'd hang as low relative to my body as they did then.

I started shaving my balls and **** when it became very popular sometime in the late 80s I guess. I've never liked totally bald dicks, and I leave a patch... I think it looks much better. But I shave all of my balls.

I mean, who'd want to suck and lick my balls when they're hairy? The hair on balls is really weird too! It sticks straight out, it's wiry, and all dry, lol! Much better with them shaved. But, at first it's a bit uncomfortable because they get itchy when the hair grows back, but after awhile if you keep shaving you don't notice that anymore.

I also use a double-blade disposable razor to shave my nostrils, ears, ******* (that's the BEST place to have shaved, for many reasons! lool!), taint, and face- but not the same one for my face! ew! Also, it helps to apply after-shave lotion, the moisturizing type, after shaving the balls, ****, taint and ahole... it stops redness, itchiness and irritation, and it feels good!
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

I find balls very awkward to shave, and usually refrain form doing it (actually wouldnt mind some tips with this to make it easier, as i can only imagine the feel of a tounge going over your freshly shaved balls). Though I do trim both **** and balls, it's a must.

Well, what I do is, I don't do it in the shower, my balls, but in the bathroom next to the sink. I get my balls wet with hot water and then put soap, or shaving cream, on them. You have to use minimal shaving cream or it will hide too much.

Then I kinda hold my sac with one hand, at the bottom, and stretch it down so there's a flat surface. I shave the sides while stretching it so that the sides of the sac are flat. Then I do the front, stretching it so the front is flat, and then I put the razor as far back toward my ******* as possible and shave forward to shave the "taint", LOL, I love that name. (I heard it comes from "t'ain't the balls and t'ain't the *******"!!! LOL)

Then, there's usually still some patches unshaved, and this is the part that's just somewhat sloppy, because you just have to look all around your sac and shave wherever you missed. That's why it's best to do as much as you can stretching them into a flat surface. After I'm done I use lotion/after-shave because it's usually a bit raw and irritated. I hope that helps at least a little if you decide to do it.

Yeah, it's hard to arrange it to see your ***, but actually it's not hard to shave it without looking at all. I used to set up an elaborate system of mirrors to see what I was doing, lol, but now I just do it in the shower, by feel. <br />
<br />
But, it's the kind of thing you have to either maintain, or go through a very itchy phase, so it's probably not for everybody.