I was a sophmore in high school when I first shaved my head.  I had some issues then, so everyone thought that I was having a breakdown or something when I did Infact, my mother rushed me to see a therapist that day!  But no, I was fine. 
I've shaved my head a number of times since then.  It's been interesting for me to see the differences in the way people interact with me.  When I have long hair, which I do now, I find it more difficult to speak up, guys are nicer to me and its harder to meet girls than when I have my head shaved.  It could be that I'm the one that's acting different, that shaving my head shaved makes me feel different.  Maybe so, but I really do feel that people's responses to me depend how I wear my hair.  It's so weird!

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I find that a bald head is a strong look! Shows confidence, where so many people are so vain about their hair, including me!

So I'm not the only one....Crazy! Kids are such amazing little creatures. If they like it, there must be something to it.

I definitely noticed a difference in how people related to me after I shaved my head. Strangely, the biggest difference was in kids. Before I shaved my head most of them would have nothing to do with me, but afterwards I was their favorite playmate. <br />
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I thought it was weird that before they were afraid of me, but after I looked more like a James Bond villain they loved me :)