No More Comb Overs!

I started going bald when I was 18 by the time I was 22 I had to shave my head.
So I'm bald but it's not like I have a choice!
The good thing is that as I lost hair I had less areas to shave and my head just looks smoother every time.
Anyway everyone in my family is bald and they all have comb overs so I'm putting an end to the comb over!

If you're loosing your hair, don't try to cover it up. Get yourself a razor and start shaving!!
ThisIsNotBilly ThisIsNotBilly
26-30, M
10 Responses Aug 3, 2007

Not yet, she's afraid she'll cut my head

Oh. Okay. has your current gf ever shaved your head?

Well let's see, I've had a couple of my ex's try, both inside and outside the shower and I've had a (female) barber at work do it a few times.

So who besides yourself has shaved your head?

That is one of my top 10 fantasies of all time!<br />
But I have to warn you I shave in the shower so might get a little wet...

Of course I shave my own head!<br />
Even tho' I've had other people shave it for me a few times but that's totally different story...

So you shave your own head? Wow, that's turning me on to think about it. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ah............

Going for the daddy warbucks look, eh? That can be so f***ing hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good 4 u. comb overs and fake s*** suck. Be true to thine self.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the shaved head - so f'n sexy!

GOOD FOR YOU! Comb overs BAD... Shaved Head... hubba hubba!