Shave Every Day...

Or very* nearly every day.

Basically every time I shower, I shave, in the shoer, as it is just easier and less messy, and quicker too I think.

I useually start shaving off my stubble on my chin, then move to my armpits and breasts, and after that I move on and shave my legs, then my bottom and ***-crack, and then move onto my ****, balls, and the area around them, though I don't shave the 'landing *****', above them, but I tend to keep that well-trimmed, using a electric shaver.

I just like the feeling, of silky smooth, shaven legs, so sexy feeling them sliding into nylon stockings, and I love my **** smooth as it makes playing with them all the better, and I think it helps keep the areas cleaner too probably, but mainly because it feels nice to be smooth...
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Jan 21, 2013