Kinda Nervous....

I'm getting a brazilian wax in a lil bit. I've never done it before and I'm kinda nervous. Has anyone else had their boys waxed? What should I expect?
Jerseyguy30 Jerseyguy30
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THANKS for sharing Jerseyguy30..............not sure if i have that much tolerance for pain..............think i will look into lazor .................. :>))

lol, the hair's starting to grow back. I'm deciding if I wanna go through that torture again.

Yeah, you need a high pain tolerance for it. Even though it hurt like hell getting it done, I'm happy I did it.

It cost around $80. I don't think alot of skin was removed. I think my skin was sensitive cause my pubes were ripped out by hot wax. lol.

Wow. And how much skin was waxed? And how much did it set you back?

The actual waxing hurt like a sonofabitch. It was bearable, though. I took a tylanol before and after, which helped with some of the pain. For 2 days after I got it done, my skin hurt and was really sensitive. It sucked cause it felt so good and I was reallly horny. Now that the pain's gone, I'm happy I got it done. I came so hard and shot so much *** the first time I jerked off after the waxing. If you don't mind pain too much, I would recommend getting it done.

Thanks. This will be a learning experience for the both of us, and I'm MUCH rather learn from YOU pain!

I'm having it done in SOHO, nyc. I usually shave everything and, to be quite honest, it's getting annoying. From what I've read, it lasts up to 4 weeks before the hair starts growing back. I'm gonna see if they can do a complete removal of all pubic hair, including hair from your crack. I have a high pain tolerance, but this may test that. lol. I'll add on to this thread when I get home about what happened.

I've not had it done. I shave my boys. I'll be interested to hear all about this. I hear a brazilian wax leaves you very smooth indeed. I've never looked into it. Are you getting waxed all over, or what? I hope you don't mind sharing the whole experience. Is it expensive?