Shaving My Pubic Hair

Off and on I have shaved my pubic hair for several years. It started as a dare with my wife and we both enjoyed it so much we remained shaved for a long time. As we have grown a bit older, she has lost some interest, but I still enjoy the smooth and clean experience. I shave my genitals every morning in the shower as part of my morning routine. Never itchy and always feels nice....even looks nice, I believe.
At nudist beachs, I feel comfortable because so many men and women have chosen to be bare. I have never felt embarrased nor centered out.
At one time I worried about others and their opinions but now it is up to me to be happy for myself and bare pubes is part of that.
So, to those who are unsure but want to try it, go for it and you will have no regrets. If someone were to comment, it is easy to demonstrate that most men shave their faces and most women shave their legs and underarms, and that is socially acceptable, so what difference could it possibly make if either sex chooses to remove pubic hair. Have a carefree day!
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I have shaved my genitles since about 14 or 15 and have almost never not been shaved...I have also used a pair of clipper on my chest hair and underarm hair to keep it very, very short...sometimes I go as far as using the clippers on my legs (which dont have much hair anyway, and stomach) when I think I might get a chance to be posing nude or especially when I know I'll be attending a nudist club/camp for a couple of days....I love the smooth look and can't get enough of if through my eyes when others are as well...<br />
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Stay Naked but Stay Safe...<br />
Luv 'em Smooth

I share your pleasure of being cleanly shaved. My wife thinks I am weird but I do prefer not to have pubic hair. I wish she did not either!

My wife says it makes her 'rash' etc. and accuses me of being exhibishinistic...and she's right...I am...but, I just love the feel of sex when both are smooth and the look as well...