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And it's not that unusual any more. For either men or women. I think most people do it because their sexual partner or somebody else suggested it. (Lot's of men do it because they've been told that women would be more likely to suck their **** if they shave it.) And I will admit that I like to eat a shaved ***** or suck a shaved ****. But mine are shaved because it feels good to me. I first shaved my balls when I had a vasectomy. I let it grow back because my (now ex) wife thought it was sick for a man to shave his genitalia. After I was no longer married to her, I remembered that it had been kind of pleasant when I had shaved my balls before, so I tried it again. And I liked it. It feels smooth and sexy. So much so, that I shaved both my **** and balls. And I liked the feeling so much that now I am usually clean shaven from just below my navel to just above my knees. And sometimes I shave my legs and chest completely. If you haven't done it, try it. I think you'll like it.
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Yes i agree with your your story. I have been shaving my genitalia for some years now and can no longer stand the sight of pubic hair on me. I love how my smooth genitalia interacts with my silky nylon panties. Moreover, i also shave my arms, chest, legs, and armpits and love the smooth feeling all over. Once you get into the practice of shaving or waxing, whichever you prefer, maintaining the smooth shaven appearance is simple and not time consuming. <br />
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Thank you for sharing your story.<br />
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